Francine Pascals Dear sister-150 pages

  • 1-37 36 pages

    jessica stays by elizabeths side while they are in the hospital. todd takes all the blame. when elizabeth finally wakes up she isnt herself she is acting just like jessica
  • 38-80 42 pages

    elizabeth started acting like jessica being flirty and not hanging around just one guy. Her and jessica decide to have a party but elizabeth leaves jessica to do all the work while she is at the mall.elizabeth even told todd she was done with him.
  • 80-115 35 pages

    jessica is forced to babyst the percy twins on her own because elizabeth snuck out for a date with bruce patman. jessica takes the twins to their flute lessons and still tries to cath her date with danny on the beach.But because Jessica was so late he found a new date and jessica didnt want anything to do with him.
  • 115-137 22 pages

    Bill Chase asks elizabeth out on a date and she says yes, but Bruce Patman later also asks her on a date and she says yes.she blows bill off and leaves with bruce.When bill comes to the house elizabeth doesnt know what to tell him so she dresses up as elizabeth.
  • 138-150 12 pages

    elizabeth almost goes all the way with bruce because she got drunk. she tries to get up but falls on the ground hitting her head when she wakes up a few minutes earlier she is herself again.she runs out side and finds todd on the beach and tells him everything. Jessica also tells bill the truth.