Forrest Gump Time Line

  • McCarthyism

    Accusations Of disloyalty
  • Brown V. Board Education / Civil Rights Movement

    Brown V. Board Education / Civil Rights Movement
    Movie: Forrest goes to collage to play football at University Of Alabama where George Wallace was trying to prevent the 2 black students from enrolling. White students did not seem upset about their school being integrated.
    Life: White students were furious about the University Of Alabama integration
  • Space Race

    Space Race
    Movie : Was going to collage during this race.
    Life: Competition between S.Uand the U.S
  • Hippie Cultue

    Hippie Cultue
    Movie: jenny leaves from place to place and becomes into drugs later.
    life: A youth movement that spreaded around the world.Harmony with nature, and the use of drugs the would spread around the world.
  • Assassination of J.F.K

    Assassination of J.F.K
    Movie:( real Footage)Jfk was assassinated shortly after meeting Forrest
    Life:assassinated through Dealey Plaza on a motorcade
  • Lyndon B.Johnson

    Lyndon B.Johnson
    Movie: Johnson give Gump a melt from bring in the Vietnam war and asks to see his wonds.
    Life: 36th ,37 th president gave a guy named david a metal for saving 3 other lifes.
  • Vietnam War

    Vietnam War
    Movie:Forrest left to the vietnam war & was the one who came out alive and saved others.
    Life:United States sent troops to Vietnam creating the strongest tensions.
  • Nixon/Watergate Scandal

    Nixon/Watergate Scandal
    Movie: This scandel was figured out by Forrest.
    life:This led to resignation and changed ideas of Executive privilege.
  • John Lennons Murder

    John Lennons Murder
    Movie: After Forrest meet Lennons on Tv ,He ws shortly killed after.
    Life;Musician that was shot by Mark David Chapman in front of the entrance of buliding he lived in.
  • Technological/Apple Inc.

    Technological/Apple Inc.
    Movie; Forrest invested into Apple. CAllimg it a fruit company
    Life:Corporation that designs Computer software, personal computers and other electonics
  • assassination attempt of Ronald Reagan

    assassination attempt of Ronald Reagan
    Movie(:televised footage)
    Life: This Attempt broke an illegal strike by air traffic controllers that threatened to strangle the nation.
  • Hiv/Aids

    Movie: Jenny Caught the disease of Hiv/Aids and they found this is incurable and soon died.
    Life: Damages the immune system severely