Forever Princess by Meg Cabot - Fiction - 383

  • Chapter 1 pages 1-20

    In the begenning of the book, It brings in Mia, a senior and the Princess of genovia, Mia is interveiwed and gets into a magazine. The story starts out of the actual "Teen Style" magazine article on her talking about what she ill do for prom and interveiws with her and the editor of "Teen Style"
    FICTION: Young Adult--1-20; total (298)
  • Chapter 3 pages 20-36

    Mia is the princess of genovia. She has many things to worry about, She has school and she has to run the country. Mia is about to graduate, she has gotten many colledge applications but her friends havent, They have a plain life (other than mia being a princess of genovia) so they will not get accepted as easy. Mia lies and says she is not going to the prom or didnt get any of these acceptances.
    FICTION: youngadult--20-36 pages; total (314)
  • chapter 4,5, and 6 pages 36-80

    mia's friend tina is always inviting mia places like the mall and other places to hang out. mia always says no because she dosent want to accidentalty tell her about her boyfriend J.P and where they stand with going to the prom and getting accepted into colledge. FICTION:youngadult--36-80 pages;total (358)
  • Chapters 7-12 pages 80-110

    In this Part Mia's ex boyfriend is coming back into town from japan from doing work. She finds out that he is a big popular guy now because if this robot arm that he has created to do surguries and other medical tasks. Mia's parents want her to go to this conference he will be speaking at to try to get one for genovia. Mia's friends drag her along and they end up at the confernce. FICTION:youngadult--80-110 pages; total (388)
  • Chapters 12-20 pages 110-160

    In these chapters Mia's friends get her to go to the conference that her ex is speaking at for his robot arm. His sister which is Mia's old friend found her in the audience and made her come talk to Michale (mia's ex boyfriend) then her parents and mia talked for a while and Mia ended up getting an interveiw from him to put in the newspaper she wors on but at the end of the interveiw, when they hug goodbye she realizes how much she misses him. FICTION:youngadult--pages 110-160;total(438)
  • Chapters 21-36 pages 160-224

    In these next chapters Mia agrees to her ex boyfriend, michaels parents that mia will do an interveiw on him about his robotic arm. They do the interveiw and mia is very nervous and is embarrased to talk to him. she ends up going through with the interveiw but feels like he was flirting with her, At the end he hugs her goodbye and she realizes how much she misses him. FICTION: youngadult--160-224 pages; total (512)
  • Chapters 36-58 pages 224-301

    In these chapters Mia, is trying to forget that she lied to everyone including her boyfriend about her colledge applications and her senior project. She finally gave up hiding the truth and told her friend that her senior report wasnt on olive oil presses it was a romance novel. Mia's friend was so very excited that she told eveyone else. Luckily, no one was mad at her for lying. FICTION:youngadult--pages 224-301; total(589)
  • chapters 30-45 pages 301-383

    in the last part of the book, princess mia, admits to a lot of her friends that her senior project is not a project on olive oil presses, it is a huge romance novel. she has been keeping this ssecret the whole year! Her and her friends end up going to the prom and having a great time! ahe then has to start a new begenning in colledge.
    FICTION:youngadult--pages 301-383 (total pages 672)