Forensic Body Farm

  • No squirell day one

    No squirell day one
    We have not yet put our squirell in the body farm.
    entomologist report-There are no insects there because of this.
    meteoroligist report- Weather today is between 82 and 61 it is not exactly humid and barely any clouds in the sky.
    Osteologist Report- Bone structures are normal and intact at this point.
    Decomposition- n/a
  • Day 2

    Day 2
    Decomisitions report- n/a
    Osteologist Report- n/a
    entomologist report- no bugs or insects at this point.
  • Day 3

    Day 3
    entomologist report- Some insects, maybe around 20 fire ants.
    Decomposition expert Report- The nose and eyes and being eaten away by ants, but no other signs of decomposition.
    Osteologist Report - Nothing showing, still intact
  • Day 4

    Day 4
    entomologist report- Same amount of ants, not much change.
    Decomposition expert Report:Same as the day before, but flies are around the body now.
    Osteologist Report - some of the jaw and teeth are showing
  • Weather Report 1

    Weather Report 1
    Here is the weather throughout the week
  • weather report 2

    weather report 2
    here is the weather of week 2
  • Day 5

    Day 5
    entomologist report- A few horse flys were in the box, some other beatles and other types of insects seem to be present.
    Decomposition expert Report:Maggots are around the nose and mouth area and are starting to eat away.

    Osteologist Report - more bone showing on skull
  • day 6

    day 6
    entomologist report- Same bugs around, seems to be no change, the bugs seem to have gone away due to rain.
    Decomposition expert Report: There are a lot of maggots now eating through the stomach, nose, mouth, and neck.
    Osteologist Report - decay has spread, showing most of the bones to some extent
  • day 7

    day 7
    entomologist report- Some magets are now presnt, along with flys and still ants.
    Decomposition expert Report:There are a lot of maggots still eating away at most of the body and bones is now visible. Osteologist Report - skeleton is mostly visible, behind fur; claws appear longer - more showing
  • day 8

    day 8
    entomologist report- No bugs there as rain was presnt and might have scared them away.
    Decomposition expert Report: Few maggots, pupa have started to form and mainly just fur, bones, and some body parts are left. Osteologist Report - bones beginning to stain from decay
  • day 9

    day 9
    entomologist report- Magets and ants seem to be present again. Lots of ants were also present.
    Decomposition expert Report: Body is mostly decomposed, Few maggots left, Fur and bones are the only remains.

    Osteologist Report - bones more visible
  • Day 10

    Day 10
    entomologist report- Tons of magets present and tons of other inects. The squirrell is filled with magets and they are eating away at its body.
    Decomposition expert Report: not much of squirell remains as magets have ate the body
    Osteologist Report- skeleton mostly bare aside from fur