Football helmet

Football Helmets

  • Invented

    Joseph M. Reeves created a protective device for the head for Army-Navy game. Crude leather helmet
  • George Barclay

    Created a "head harness" to prevent cauliflower ear. Three thick leather straps forming close fit around head
  • Additions

    Fabricated leather, more padding and flaps, ear holes for on-field communication
  • Suspension

    Suspension: to "cradle" skull away from leather shell, straps of fabric formed a pattern inside helmet to absorb and distribute impact better, ventilation
  • Mid 1930s

    rubber-covered wire mask (protection)
  • New material

    plastic football helmet created by John T. Riddell was stronger, lighter, longer lasting first chin strap to rest on chin instead of neck.
  • Shape

    Tear drop shape made legal
  • BT-5 face mask

    Single bar design, single wave radio; improved safety and onfield communication
  • Impact absorbing

    energy-absorbing, "microfit" helmets, pumped up with fluid or air (called air bladders) for secure fit and to help blunt force hits
  • Safety

    four-point chin straps held helmet in place (safety)
  • Period: to

    New material

    polycarbonate alloy plastic helmets and vinyl coated steel alloy (durability, long-lasting)
  • Design

    more spherical design for helmet called Revolution, reduced incidence of concussion 31%