Foot Pedal

  • Roger Mayers

    Roger Mayers
    rogerIn 1942 Roger Mayer was born in Germany
  • Acoustic Software

    Acoustic Software
    navey Roger works on acoustic software for the navy at British Admiralty in the field of vibration and acoustic research and became very intrested in sound and begins working on his first foot pedal.
  • With a little help from my friends

    With a little help from my friends
    Roger mayer be came friends with jim hendrix ,jimmiy page and jeff beck.When working on the albums AXIS BOLD AS LOVE and ELETRIC LADYLAND. Jimi Hendrix would help create different ideas of sound with Roger. Most of the ideas that JImi created came right out of his head.
  • First Footpedal

    First Footpedal
    fuzz In 1960 roger creates his first two footpedal they are called the FUZZ ans the OCTAIVA.the way the FUZZ works is it makes a destortion kind of sound. The way the OCTAIVA works is that it reproduced the input signal one octave higher.
  • Axis

    axis In 1967 created the axis foot pedal.
  • Axis Bold as Love

    Axis Bold as Love
    axis Jimi hendrix uses rogers foot pedal AXIS on his song Axis Bold as Love on the album Axis Bold as Love.
  • More More and More!!

    More More and More!!
    After the 60s sound effects started poping up with copenies like BOSS,LINE 6,ZOOM and ELETRIC-HARMONIX. with more bands and more creation of types of music different kinds of sound were made.