Food Packaging

  • Dehydrated Foods

    Dehydrated Foods
    A healthier alternative to fruits
  • Covienience foods

    Covienience foods
    Canned goods
  • Organic Foods

    Organic Foods
    There were made to be healthy
  • Quick Freezing

    Quick Freezing
    A method to keep foods cold
  • Concentrated Foods

    Concentrated Foods
    Mosty is involved with fruit juices
  • Irradiation

    It was used to treat food
  • Retort Packing

    Retort Packing
    There were most known as MRE meals, for the army
  • Aseptic Packaging

    Aseptic Packaging
    It was used for boiling
  • Gmo foods

    Gmo foods
    These are genetically modified foods, that are meant to feed more mouths
  • Green Packaging

    Green Packaging
    This was made to save on different resources