By ecai918
  • Table-salt makers iodize salt with potassium iodide to prevent enlarged thyroid

    Table-Salt makers
  • Sliced bread is introduced

    Slice bread
  • Frozen french fries potatoes are introduced

    Frozen French fries
  • Frozen pie crust is introduced

    Frozen pie
  • The first Cracker Barrel Old Country Store opens along Interstate 40 in Lebanon, Tenn

  • McDonald's introduces the Egg McMuffin, the first fast-food breakfast item

  • Boboli pizza crusts are introduced.

    Boboli pizza
  • iFerbFood's Weebly

    Our Weebly is about food and called
  • Jiffy biscuit mix, sliced Wonder bread and Hostess Twinkies are born

  • Cake mixes from Betty Crocker and Pillsbury start making their appearance. The first mix is a single-layer ginger cake, followed by the now standard layer cake in devil's-food