FNaF Full Timeline

  • Missing Children Incident

    Missing Children Incident
    Afton lures five kids to back room in golden Bonnie suit and hides them in animatronics. The location eventually closes due to odor.
  • Afton opens Circus Baby’s Pizza World

    Afton opens Circus Baby’s Pizza World
    CBPW open for one day after Elizabeth Afton dies to Baby. He stores the animatronics underground and Freddy’s 2 (Jr’s) opens. Afton uses sound discs to scare Mike away from his murder locations.
  • Bite of ‘83

    Bite of ‘83
    At Micheal Afton’s b-day party at Fredbear’s Family Diner, Micheal gets bitten by Fredbear. Mike dies and Afton promises to put him back together. He makes Mike a robot. FFD closes
  • Henry’s Daughter

    Henry’s Daughter
    Afton kills Henry’s daughter outside Jr’s. She possesses the puppet and gives life to original 5 animatronics.
  • More Missing Kids

    More Missing Kids
    Afton sneaks into Jr’s as a security guard to kill more kids causing the animatronics to get angry at other security guards. This causes Jeremy Fitzgerald to be the victim of the Bite of ‘87. Jr’s closes and toys get scrapped. Afton also learns of the spirts possessing the suits.
  • Dismantling Animatronics

    Dismantling Animatronics
    Afton dismantles the original animatronics to discover their power. He melts their Endoskeletons and uses that “remnant” to infuse life in the Funtime animatronics.
  • Afton opens Circus Baby’s Rentals (Sister Location)

    Afton opens Circus Baby’s Rentals (Sister Location)
    Afton designs Funtime animatronics specifically to lure kids for more tests. The angry spirits of the original kids trap Afton in Springtrap and Henry seals the safe room. The puppet tries to free the spirits but it doesn’t work because parts of their spirits are in the funtime animatronics.
  • Scooping

    Mike Afton visits sister location and he gets scooped and Ennard gets put inside him. He doesn’t die because he’s a robot.
  • Fazbear Fright

    Fazbear Fright
    Afton is found and put in Fazbear Fright and Henry burns it down in an attempt to kill Afton.
  • Pizzeria Simulator

    Pizzeria Simulator
    Mike works as a security guard and Henry rounds up the animatronics and they burn it down finally freeing the spirts and killing Afton.
  • Custom Night

    Custom Night
    Golden Freddy is still angry and traps Afton in Hell with the monsters he created