Florence Kelley By Shania & Becky

  • Born

    She was born in Philadelphia. She grew up with her father in the U.S.
  • Period: to

    Florence kelley

  • studied

    Kelly studied living and working conditions in Chicago.
  • Report

    After people had read Florence Kelley’s report, Illinois law makers made a law.
  • Illinois law makers

    After they had read Florence Kelley’s report .Illinois law makers made a law that made the people from working more than 8 hours.
  • Moved to New York

    Florence Kelley moved to New York to lead the newly-formed national costumer league.
  • A house

    In 1908 in a house on Sullivan street in New York .There children worked with their mother to make about 1,600 silk flowers a day.
  • Hull-House

    Florence Kelley was at a place called hull-house
  • Established

    She also helped established the national association for the advancement of colored people or the NAACP.
  • canning factory.

     canning factory.
    Many small children work in canning factory.
  • Children's bureau

    The United States children’s bureau was found with her friend Julia lath rope as the first director.
  • Died

    At the age of 74 at her funeral her friend’s said she was brave and helped other’s to be brave to continue their work and commitments after her death.