By axk4684
  • Flocun was founded

    Flocun was formed 500 years ago, when Christopher Columbas faked his death and made another secret trip.He landed on which is today Flocun.
  • Flocun makes a government

    Flocun's govenment is a monarchy, ruled by King Santiago I, and they wrote a constitution.The constitution stated that everyone obeyed the king and that once the king died his son would be the new king no matter his age.
  • Migration into Flocun

    People from Brazil came to Flocun to find a higher standard living and schooling,
  • Period: to

    War against Brazil

    The Brazilians tried to take over Flocun, but Under general Alfredo's orders the flocunians defended their land.After several long years of fighting and a death count of over 30,000,the Brazilians finally gave in and Flocun celebrated Its independence.
  • Flocun switches to a democracy in its government

    King Santiago VII used his power unfairly and took all the money in the kingdom for himself. The people suffered greatly because they could not feed themselves.The people decided to revolt,they overthrew King Santiago and elected their first president,Gustavo Villa.Flocun also rewrites their constitution, stating themselves as a representative democracy.
  • Gold is discovered in flocun

    Millions of people from around the world come to Flocun with hopes of finding gold. Eventually the attempts were successfull when one man, Thomas A. Conabo, Went searching in the Southmin moutain range instead of the Villa range where everyone else was looking, hence how the Southmin range got its name.
  • Flocun becomes a well known place

    The country reaches a poulation of 50 million people.Tourists from all around the world came to Flocun for its beautiful beaches. The culture in Flocun is unique, another reason people enjoy the exotic island country.
  • Present day Flocun

    Present day Flocun is a tropical paradise with luxurious hotels,Beautiful beaches,mouth watering food and best of all the nicest people.Today August 18th is celebrated as the day Flocun rejoiced in the honor of their freedom. It is a very happy time! Eventually after Gustavo Villa's 4 years are over, A new president was elected. Today, the President is Alphonso Felipe.