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  • Birth of Flixster

    Birth of Flixster
    Created by Joe Greenstein and Saran Chari in San Francisco, California. People can view Movie trailers and learn about new and upcomming movies at the box office.
  • Peak Growth

    Peak Growth
    Flixster's daily page views peaked at 8,331,961 people
  • Apps on Social media

    After opening the App on Facebook, it releases one on Myspace as well. As of July 2008, it hit almost four million users making it the second most popular app on the Myspace platform.
  • Extreme lows

    Active daily views plummetied from 8 million plus all the way down to about 400,000
  • Iphone App

    Flixster created an app for the IPhone so people can access the website and use all of its features on the go.
  • Top App

    Since creating an app for the IPhone, Flixster has created an app for Android phones, Windows phone, and Blackberry phones. They have also become the most downloaded movie app on all four different phones.
  • New Owner

    Time Warner got the Flixster and Rotten Tomatoes
  • Privitized

    Flixster stopped public access to the website. People who want to use it either have to have an account with flixster or an account on facebook.