Pirate ship


By joyyyyy
  • Background

    Fish lived on a farm in Ireland. He grew up in a dry and increasingly crowded home. Maurice (Fish) got his nickname for his amazing swimming abilities.
  • Setting

    This takes place in Ireland in a small crowded home, and eventually in a ship.
  • Characters

    Maurice- Chose a life out at sea
    Reidy's family- Are farmers
    Micheal- Good at farming
    Conor- Also good at farming
  • Rising Action #1

    Rising Action #1
    Fish must go on a ship to work as a courier to help get money for his family.
  • Rising Action #2

    Rising Action #2
    Fish missed his brothers and sisters, However he did not miss all the hard work.
  • Rising Action #3

    Rising Action #3
    Fish worked very hard during his time on the ship.
  • Rising Action #4

    Rising Action #4
    Fish ran letters to the frightful prison, delieverd packages to the brewery, and whisked notes from the grand houses on the city's edges to boats down at the dock.
  • Rising Action #5

    Rising Action #5
    One day Fish'suncle gave him a leather bag to take down to the docks. Fish smilied and his uncle said strictly this is important.
  • Rising Action #6

    Rising Action #6
    Fishe's uncle said you must deliver this to the ship mary, docked bound to America. He told him he will be delivering the letter to a specific Reginald Swift.
  • Rising Action #7

    Rising Action #7
    Fish's uncle said not to fail because these people will not tolerate it.
  • Rising Action #8

    Rising Action #8
    Reginald swift spotted the purse from far away.
  • Climax/Turning Point

    Climax/Turning Point
    Fish finds out the clue to the golden chain.
  • Falling Action #1

    Falling Action #1
    Nate and fish had to fight
  • Falling Action #2

    Falling Action #2
    Fish learns to doge and destroy his enemies.
  • Falling Action #3

    Thimble had thought that Fish was trying to bribe him into solving all the problems.
  • Falling Action #4

    Falling Action #4
    Fish grabbed Thimble and dragged him into the storage room.
  • Resolution #1

    Resolution #1
    Fish fought scab to his exhustion without using any weapons.
  • Resolution #2

    Resolution #2
    Fish throws the coins to everyone.
  • Resolution #3

    Resolution #3
    Fish looked down and saw the sunken Mildred.
  • Resolution #4

    Resolution #4
    Fish had now called himself a teasure hunter not a mailboy any more!