Firsts of Space

Timeline created by gw19251
  • The first telescope

    Made by Galileo
  • The first heliometer

    Measures the diameter of the sun and the distance between stars
    Made by John Dollond
  • The first daguerreotype(picture)image of the moon

    Taken by John Draper
  • The first powered flight

    Launched by Orville Wright
  • The first jet engine

    Made by Frank J Whittle
  • First pictures of the far side of the moon taken

    Taken by Luna III
  • First American to orbit the earth

    Made by John Glenn
  • The first women in space

    She was Velentina Tereshklova
  • The first space walk

    Made by Alexei Leonov
  • First man on the moon

    He was Neil Armstrong followed by Buzz Aldrin
  • First craft to successfully land on Mars

    This was Viking I
  • First reusable spacecraft

    Created by USA (NASA)
  • First american astronauts that died

    Happened because of NASA
  • First photograph of the whole solar system

    Taken by USA (NASA)
  • First polar orbit around the Sun

    Made by USA (NASA) and ESA
  • First manmade probe to land on a comet

    Made by ESA