First half of the 19th century timeline

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  • Jefferson becomes president

    Jefferson becomes president
    Jefferson had beat Adams by eight electoral votes,he had also tied his running mate Aaron Burr. The house of reps took vote after vote for six days until thirty-six days later Jefferson prevailed. The Jeffersonian Republicanism said that limited, and simple are the best for the people.
  • James Madison

    James Madison
    James was a two term president and it was very hard to be a two term president. James is know for his leadership in the war of 1812. Thomas was very succeeded by James Madison after two terms.
  • War of 1812

    War of 1812
    Impresment by the British seizing the Americans at sea pushing them into there own navy. It incur aged lots of industries in the U.S. It was the end of the Federalist party.
  • Nationalism shapes policy

    Nationalism shapes policy
    When James Monroe became president. Right off the bat Nationalism was established as a big concern of Administration.A treaty with Great Britain to occupy the Oregon territory.
  • The Missouri Compromise

    The Missouri Compromise
    The settlers in Missouri in 1818 applied for statehood. Henry Clay organized a compromise Maine would be free and Missouri was slave. People were debating on weather Missouri should be a free state.
  • The Monroe Doctrine

    The Monroe Doctrine
    Congress in the 1823 address to make it clear. Don't interfere with the Western Hemisphere he said to Europe.
  • John Quincy Adams

    John Quincy Adams
    John Quincy Adams became president in a weird election. Jefferson and John Quincy Adams tied in votes. Adams basically cheated in the election so that he would win. The house of reps decided that Adams should be president.
  • Andrew Jackson

    Andrew Jackson
    During a time of Sectionalism Andrew Jackson was elected. Andrew Jackson was elected in 1828. Andrew was ushered in a new era of popular democracy.
  • Manifest Destiny

    Manifest Destiny
    Manifest Destiny was a belief the U.S. had. That they would get bigger from sea to shinning sea. Lots of people also thought moving westward was presented by god.
  • Zachary Taylor

    Zachary Taylor
    Zachary was a very good leader people said. He did not accomplish a lot as being a president because he died mid term. He was a general in the war of 1812.