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First 100 Days of School

  • Meet The Teacher

    Meet The Teacher
    As I walked into the classroom I saw my wonderful new teachers!
  • 1st Day Of School

    1st Day Of School
    As I saw everyone staring at me I was so nervous.
  • Kayleigh's Birthday

    Kayleigh's Birthday
    I greeted Kayleigh with a simple "Happy Birthday!!!!"
  • Emma's Birthday

    Emma's Birthday
    I gave her a simple "Happy Birhday!!!"
  • Park Day & Fall Social

    Park Day & Fall Social
    As we say" The Best Day Ever!!!"
  • Rylie & Bryce's Birthday

    Rylie & Bryce's Birthday
    They jumped when I yelled "SUPRISED!!!"
  • End of First Quarter

    End of First Quarter
    Three more quarters until Summer!!!
  • 1st Report Card

    1st Report Card
    All A's!!!!!
  • Halloween

    Trick or Treat!!!!
  • Field Trip

    Field Trip
    Too many cans!!!!
  • Thanksgiving

  • Challenge Course

    Challenge Course
    How can we figure this out?
  • Cheyenne's Birthday

    Cheyenne's Birthday
  • Holiday Party

    Holiday Party
    Party Rockers In The House Tonight!!!
  • Christmas

    JOY TO THE WORLD!!!!!!
  • Ky's Birthday

    Ky's Birthday
    How Old Are You Again?
  • Erin's Birthday

    Erin's Birthday
    You Are The Best!!!!
  • New Year's Eve

    New Year's Eve
    2 Minutes Until 2012!!!!
  • 100th Day of School

    100th Day of School
    How Many More Days?