Firepants Family Mattress Acquisitions

  • Cap'n Firepants complains because he keeps rolling into the pit in the middle of their matrimonial mattress

  • Mrs. Cap'n Firepants freaks out b/c she sees a mattress commercial detailing what happens to your mattress after 8 years.

  • Period: to

    Mattress Purchases

  • Cap'n and Mrs. Firepants finally agree and purchase a new mattress.

  • The new matrimonial mattress is delivered. It smells like a shower in a high school locker room.

  • Mrs. Cap'n Firepants finally convinces the Cap'n to exchange the stinky mattress.

    This model is discontinued, so they agree to get this year's new version.
  • The new matrimonial mattress (#3) is delivered.

  • Cap'n Firepants does not like #3. It is "killing him". But he will not let Mrs. Firepants call to exchange.

    He somehow thinks the mattress is going to get firmer if given time.
  • Cap'n Firepants finally relents and lets Mrs. Cap'n Firepants order #4 - which is the same model as #2, but hopefully will not smell

  • Cap'n Firepants hangs up on the delivery people.

  • The delivery people bring Matrimonial Mattress #4.