• Welcome to the New World

    Welcome to the New World
    The Mayflower brings the Puritans across the Atlantic Ocean from England. Nowdays they are referred to as the Pilgrams. photo source::
  • Period: to


    Fifty Nifty United States "Fifity Nifty" written by Ray Charles, performed here by 1st and 2nd graders. They really are wonderful! Source: yongmei2's channel on YouTube
  • At first there are Thirteen Colonies

    At first there are Thirteen Colonies
    By 1732 there were thirteen colonies: Delaware, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Georgia, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Maryland, South Carolina, New Hampshire, Virginia, New York, North Car.olina, Rhode Island photo source:
  • Delaware

    Delaware is the first state in the Union and the first colony. photo source:
  • Pennsylvania

    Pennsylvania was the second state and the second colony. photo source:
  • New Jersey

    New Jersey
    New Jersey is the third state in the Union and also the thrid colony. photo source:
  • Georgia

    Georgia is the fourth state and also fourth colony. photo source:
  • Connecticut

    Connecticut, the fifth state was also the fifth colony. photo source:
  • Massachusetts

    Massachusetts is the sixth state and also the sixth colony. photo source:
  • Maryland

    Maryland is the seventh state and also the seventh colony photo source:
  • South Carolina

    South Carolina
    South Carolina is the eighth state and also the eighth colony. photo source:
  • New Hampshire

    New Hampshire
    New Hampshire is the nineth state and nineth colony out of thirteen. photo source:
  • Virginia

    Virginia is the tenth state and also the tenth of the original thirteen colonies. photo source:
  • New York

    New York
    New York is the eleventh state and the eleventh colony. photo source:
  • North Carolina

    North Carolina
    North Carolina is the 12th state and also the 12th and second to the last of the original thirteen colonies. photo source:
  • Rhode Island, the last of the original thirteen colonies.

    Rhode Island, the last of the original thirteen colonies.
    Rhode Island is the 13th state and the LAST of the original colonies to be founded. photo source:
  • Vermont

    Vermont is the 14th state in our Union and the first one to NOT be a member of the original thirteen colonies. photo source:
  • Kentucky

    Kentucky is the 15th state and was a part of Virginia until it became an official state. photo source:
  • Tennessee

    Tennessee is the 16th state. At this point there are 34 to go. photo source:
  • Ohio

    Ohio is the 17th state and has an unusual swallowtail flag design. photo source:
  • Louisiana

    Louisiana is the 18th state and does not have counties but instead has political subdivisions called parishes. photo source:
  • Indiana

    Indiana is the 19th state and the name means: Land of the Indians. photo source:
  • Mississippi

    Mississippi is the 20th state. Here is an easy way to remember how to spell the name: m-i-crooked letter-crooked letter-i-crooked letter-crooked letter-i-p-p-i. Fun, huh! photo source:
  • Illinois

    Illinois is the 21st state and was the first to ratify the 13th admendment of the Constitution which abolished slavery in the United States. photo source:
  • Alabama

    Alabama is the 22nd state and where I was born. photo source:
  • Maine

    Maine in the 23rd state and grows 99% of all blueberries in the USA. photo source:
  • Missouri

    Missouri is the 24th state and is an Indian name meaning "town of the large canoes." photo source:
  • Arkansas

    Arkansas is the halfway state on the way to 50. Arkansas is the 25th state and is called "The Natural State." photo source:
  • Michigan

    Michigan is the 26th state and the first to guarantee the right for every child to a tax-paid high school education. photo source:
  • Florida

    Florida is the 27th state and only seems to be the most southern positioned state. There is another state further south on the earth than Florida. photo source:
  • Texas

    Texas is the 28th state and is the only state to gain statehood through a treaty. Texas is an indian word meaning "friend" photo source:
  • Iowa

    Iowa is the 29th state and is the only one to start with two vowels. phoro source:
  • Wisconsin

    Wisconsin is the 30th state in the Union. It's nickname is the "Badger State." photo source:
  • California

    California is the 31st state and it's motto is "Eureka" which is a Greek word meaning "I have found it." photo source:
  • Minnesota

    Minnesota is the 32nd state and is home to the Mall of Americas which is the size of 78 football fields. photo source:
  • Oregon

    Oregon is the 33rd state and claims more ghost towns than any other state. photo source:
  • Kansas

    Kansas is the 34th state. The geographcal center of the 48 contiguous states is dound in Smith County, Kansas. photo source:
  • West Virginia

    West Virginia
    West Virginia is the 35th state. I have lived in Wheeling, WV home of one of the very first suspension bridges every built in the world. photo source:
  • Nevada

    Nevada is the 36th state and home of the Hoover Dam. photo source:
  • Nebraska

    Nebraska is the 37th state. Cornhusker State is the motto. Koolaid was invented in Nebraska in 1927. photo source:
  • Colorado

    Colorado is the 38th state. "America the Beautiful" was written by Katherine Lee Bates in homage to her visit to Pike's Peak. photo source:
  • North Dakota

    North Dakota
    North Dakota is either the 39th or 40th state in the Union. It was granted statehood at the same time as South Dakota. They are the USA twin states. Dakota is a Souix Indian word for 'friend.' photo source:
  • South Dakota

    South Dakota
    South Dakota is either the 39th state or the 40th. Both of the Dakotas were granted statehood at the same time. The faces of presidents: George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt, and Abraham Lincoln are carved into Mount Rushmore. photo source:
  • Montana

    Montana is the 41st state and is nicknamed the 'Treasure State.'
  • Washinton

    Washinton is the 42nd state and the only one to be named after a US president. George Washington's photo is on the state flag. photo source:
  • Idaho

    Idaho is the 43rd state in the union. Four states can be seen from Seven Devils' Peak. Can you guess which states?
  • Wyoming

    Wyoming is the 44th state and home to Yellowstone National Park. Alphabetically it is last. photo source:
  • Utah

    Utah is the 45th state. The name is from the Ute tribe meaning 'people of the mountains." photo source:
  • Oklahoma

    Oklahoma is the 46th state and home of the Cherokee Indian Nation. photo source:
  • New Mexico

    New Mexico
    New Mexico is the 47th state. The Pueblo, Apache, Comanche, Navajo, and Ute Indians tribes were living here when the Spanish first arrived in the 1600s. photo source:
  • Arizona

    Arizona is the 48th state. The Grand Canyon National Park is located here. In Four Coners, AZ you can stand in four states at the same time. photo source:
  • Alaska

    Alaska is the 49th state. Alaska's original inhabitants are the Aleut and Eskimo Indians. Almost one-third of Alaska lies within the Arctic Circle, brrr. photo source:
  • Hawaii

    Hawaii is the LAST STATE, so far, admitted into the union. There are only 12 letters in the Hawaiian alphabet: vowels- A, E, I, O, U and consonants- H, K, L, M, N, P, W. That would make a game of Scrabble even more difficult! Hawaii has it's own time zone and is the only U.S. state to grow coffee. photo source: