Fetal Development Timeline

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  • First Semester

    The First Semester starts at the time of fertilization.
  • Zygote is created.- Day 1

    Zygote is created.- Day 1
    After fertilization the zygote is created. A Zygote is when the sperm's nucleus combines with egg's nucleus. It is now released into oviduct and traveling into the uterus.
  • Implantation-Day 5

    Implantation-Day 5
    Zygote divdes more on the way to the uterus and becomes a morula. The morula becomes a blastocyst when it gets into the uterus lining and is ready to develop and divide. Implantation is the process when the blastocyst plants itself in the endomitrium.
  • Embryo-Day 12

    Embryo-Day 12
    After the blastocyst is implanted in the endomitrium, it will divide by mitosis. Then, the inner mass of cells in the blastocyst will be called the embryo. It wil develop until week 8-12 when the baby is fully formed.
  • Placenta-Day 14

    Placenta-Day 14
    The outer membrane that holds the baby will combine withe uterine lining forming a placenta. The baby is attached to the placenta through the umbilical cord and the mother through the uterus wall.
  • Fetus-Week 12

    Fetus-Week 12
    By week eight the baby has been formed. The embryo has become a fetus. By the beginning of week 12, the baby has all internal organs full formed and will grow throughout the pregnancy. The head is still not proportional to the rest of the body and is bigger than the rest of the body. Neck muscles and bones start developing and forming.
  • Second Trimester

    Since now all organs, human body systems, and muscles are forming or formed, it is now the time for the development of these organs, systems, and muscles..
  • Fetal Heartbeat- Week 18 to 20

    Fetal Heartbeat- Week 18 to 20
    We can hear the fetus heartbeat. The heart is formed and developing. The circulatory system is developing.
  • Brain and Taste Bud Development-Week 24

    Brain and Taste Bud Development-Week 24
    The baby's brain is developing and growing fast. The taste buds are also developed. The major organs are developing really fast at this stage.
  • Build-Up Fat-Week 25-26

    Build-Up Fat-Week 25-26
    The fetus is building up fat under the skin, able to regulate the temperature control. The baby has learned to control his hands. The baby's spinal structure begins to form.
  • Third Trimester

    Now since most major organs are formed, this period of time is spent in just gettting bigger and bigger.
  • Lungs Development- Week 29

    Lungs Development- Week 29
    The baby's lungs are fully functional and are working protected by the uterus. The baby feels less free space and pulls the head down ready for birth.
  • Fetus Growth Complete-Week 32

    Fetus Growth Complete-Week 32
    The Fetus is now fully formed and now spents the rest of the time to refine developments and get bigger.
  • Lungs Matured- Week 37

    Lungs Matured- Week 37
    The fetal lungs are fully matured and breaths the amniotic fluid normally. Risk of having diseases in the fetal lungs are still really high.
  • Third Trimester Complete, Fetal Development Complete- Around Week 40

    Third Trimester Complete, Fetal Development Complete- Around Week 40
    The fetal development is complete. The thrid trimester is over around week 40 and the baby is ready to go out of the mother anytime soon. The is very little space for the baby to move at this week, therefore, heading out of the body.
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    Fetal Development Timeline