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Fetal Development: The Dark Humor Edition

  • Week Fourty: End of Third Trimester: THE DAY IS HERE

    Week Fourty: End of Third Trimester: THE DAY IS HERE
    You are not over due until you reach week 42 aka expriring baby. At birth, the placenta detaches and the umbilical cord stops working when the baby is born.
    Congrats, you're now a mom, now cheers to the endless, sleepless nights.
  • Week One

    Week One
    You just had your last menstral cycle and a fertilized egg is swimming around in the fallopean tube headed towards the uterus. Remeber kids, if you have sex, you will get pregant and die.
  • Week Two

    Week Two
    The endrometrium, you know that thing you used to shed every month, yea, it's thickening and the egg is travling down to the uterus. Get ready to hate life.
  • Week Three

    Week Three
    The egg that is fertilized is dividing RAPIDLY. If you found yourself a good man, you'll find out if your girl (X Chromosome) or boy (Y Chromosome) will have a daddy.
  • Week Four

    Week Four
    The egg is now at home in your uterus. While the placenta forms, the hormone hcg goes into your blood stream and when you take a pregancy test, shabam, you know your pregant.
    Fun Fact: your soon to be demonic child is the size of a pin head.
  • Week Five

    Week Five
    If you havent taken a pregnacy test, heads up, spotting occurs 10-14 days after conciving and people beileve that its mother nature calling again. WRONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Anywho if you know that you are pragnant, the egg is now an blastocyte and nerve growth begins.
  • Week Six

    Week Six
    The heart is starting to beat . The brain, blood vessles and the spinal cord are begining to form.
    Fun Fact: your baby is the size of a rasin.
  • Week Seven

    Week Seven
    The heart is beating with one chamber while organs are begining to grow. The legs and arms are growing and looking like paddles.
  • Week Eight: First Prenatal Visit

    Week Eight: First Prenatal Visit
    The heart is beating around 150 beats per minute as the face begins to take shape. Limbs are still growing while eyes are developing.
  • Week Nine

    Week Nine
    The cartilage for bones is begining to califiy; arms and legs can begin to flex, but you cannot feel it, so dont lie. The heart and brain are now starting to fully develop.
  • Week Ten

    Week Ten
    The mass of cells is now a fetus, a szie of a small strawberry and your staring to gain weight, but not from all the choclaate cake you've been eating. Muscles, organs and reproductive organs are begining to devlope.
  • Week Eleven

    Week Eleven
    The body of the fetus, besides the tounge is sensitve to touch. Congrats your baby is a boy but you dont know that, now the testis is begining to produce testosterone.
  • Week Twelve

    Week Twelve
    The fetus now actually looks like a baby and not like an alien. The increaded heartbeat, 160 bpm, results from the baby moving around, but you still cannot feel it.
  • Week Thirteen: End of Trimester One

    Week Thirteen: End of Trimester One
    The baby is now 3 inches long can genitelia is almost defined. Finger prints are present and you can now feel soft flutters.
  • Week Fourteen

    Week Fourteen
    The prostate gland is devloping inside your baby boy and guess what, he can pee! The fetus' skin is transparent and hair is growing.
    Fun Fact: Most hair gets shed at or before birth, sorry maybelline he wasnt born with it.
  • Week Fifteen

    Week Fifteen
    The babies arms, legs and muscles are still developing and there are soft flutters. The ears and eyes are being centered as the baby begins to make fists.
  • Week Sixteen

    Week Sixteen
    The baby can now hear external voices and sleeps, the majority of the time, they sleep at the wrong time. As the baby learns to breathe, you're waist line is getting bigger, mama, that means take out them sweats!
  • Week Seventeen

    Week Seventeen
    Fat is begining to store and provide engery and warmth for your baby as the skeleton begins to calcify. The baby's retina's are sensitive to light, which is why their eyes are closed for a looong time.
  • Week Eighteen

    Week Eighteen
    Your baby can now hear sounds, for example, he can hear your heart beat and blood whooshing through the umbilical cord (not the aux cord). They're also startled by loud sounds, so mama, if you fart, dont be surpirsed if there's a jab to your bladder.
  • Week Nineteen

    Week Nineteen
    Congrats, now you know that your baby is a boy, yes you can call him peanut since you're the elephant in the room. You'll soon begin to feel their kicking and they'll get bigger.
  • Week Twenty: HALF WAY THERE MAMA

    Week Twenty: HALF WAY THERE MAMA
    Your baby boy can now reconize your voice and music, so if you want to bump some Bieber or Fetty Wap, please do; but not too loud since his senses are developing. Hair, on the rest of the body, and nails are growing as he begins to move around, FINALLY MOVEMENT, NOW GET OFF THE BLADDER CHILD.
  • Week Twenty-One

    Week Twenty-One
    The bone marrow is now making blood cells as their small intesine begins to work to absorb nurishment, not junk. The testis begin to form but remember, sperm doesn't get produced until he hits that wonderful, confusing stage in life; puberty.
  • Week Twenty-Two

    Week Twenty-Two
    Honey, your pregnnant, time for the spandex pants, both you and your baby are getting bigger. Your movements and sounds can wake your baby since they have their regular sleeping and waking times. Sucks to suck if their waking time is at two in the morning.
  • Week Twenty-Three

    Week Twenty-Three
    The baby is sumersulting in your uterus and knows which way is up thanks to his developed inner ear. The pancreas is quickly developing and they can produce insulin.
  • Week Twenty-Four

    Week Twenty-Four
    The lungs are devloping and the amniotic fluid they breathe in helps the lungs. The baby also begins to gain more weight as their bones, muscles and organs continue to finish up.
  • Week Twenty-five

    Week Twenty-five
    Although your baby has it's hands, their nerve connections are still devloping as they explore themselves and your uterus. If one day, daddy want to talk to peanut, theres a higher chance that the baby will hear them better than you.
  • Week Twenty-Six: End of Second Trimester

    Week Twenty-Six: End of Second Trimester
    The baby is very active in the womb and did you know that thumb sucking calms your child and tightens the jaw? So dont yell at kids that arent your kids to stop sucking their thumbs. Their brain is still developing and he can open his eyes now!
  • Week Twenty-Seven

    Week Twenty-Seven
    Since the brain is still developing, remember to talk or read to your peanut and keep bumpin' new Zayn album. If you shine a light into your belly, why would you do that, but if you do, your baby will turn it's head since he can open his eyes as his reina develops.
  • Week Twenty-Eight

    Week Twenty-Eight
    Brain wave start REM, thank you psychology, which idicates a non deep sleep or dreams! The branches of the lungs are a-okay, but remember, please read or talk to your child, even if your parents didnt.
  • Week Twenty-Nine

    Week Twenty-Nine
    The womb is becoming cramped, and the baby is kicking away as if their life depended on it. Their brain is develpong neruons as the lungs and muscles continure to mature. Milk teeth are under their gums!
  • Week Thirty

    Week Thirty
    Your babies red blood cells are now responisble for helping your baby recive oxygen and remove waste, no you cant ditch them now. The babies hands and legs are fully formed now, so dont make him mad or you know, a punch here and a kick there.
  • Week Thirty-One

    Week Thirty-One
    His lungs and digestive tract are almost mature and all major organs are functional. Your baby's eyes can now fully open, but if theyr're born with green or blue eyes, their eye color may change six months after birth, so you can't return him for not being a blue eyed beauty.
  • Week Thirty-Two

    Week Thirty-Two
    Fore the majority of the day, your baby sleeps because they have out grown the uterus and want out as much as you do. The testis have now decended out into the scrotum. PSA: MAMA IF YOU WADDLIN' YOU ALMOST THERE!
  • Week Thirty-Three

    Week Thirty-Three
    Your baby's weird baby fuz is shedding, yes like a dog shedding it winter coat and finger nails are long. Calcium is also importaint for you and your baby because he takes your calcium for his bones lol.
  • Week Thirty-Four

    Week Thirty-Four
    The skull bones are flexiable to allow exit through the birth canal, goodluck pushing a watermelon out from down there #csectionteam. The babies skin is getting less wrinkly and due to antibodies in the placenta, your baby is becoming immunite to some mild infections.
  • Week Thirty-Five

    Week Thirty-Five
    The lungs are almost fully developed and their reflexes are coordinated when you bother them. Your baby is storing fat in their legs and arms so dont start fat shaming them without looking at yourself first.
  • Week Thirty-Six

    Week Thirty-Six
    Here you may beging to experience Braxton Hicks contractions where the uterus relaxes and flexes in preperation of labor, yay...
    Your baby boy may also drop into the birth canal either head of butt first.
  • Week Thirty-Seven

    Week Thirty-Seven
    When in the canal, the baby may squirm around while streching. You are three weeks from the 40th week and you may notice vaginal discharge and you may induce into labor the week of your due date.
  • Week Thirty-Eight

    Week Thirty-Eight
    The only and last thing the baby has to be worried about is weight growth after development is done. Now your just waiting for your water to break, not pee, water.
  • Week Thirty-Nine

    Week Thirty-Nine
    There is limited movement for the baby and it is stuck jabbing at your pelvis, so please, dont get cranky, you're one week away. When the baby takes it's first breathe, the umbilical cord stops working and the heart beats to rush blood to the lungs.