• Nellie McClung

    In 1914, Nellie McClung was a very brave yet intelligent woman who stood up for the right to vote for the women. This woman was turned by the men saying that the women didn’t want to have the ability to vote and saying similar comments about women. The very next day, all women have organised a theater called the “mock parliament” where Nellie had the attention of all audience, men and women saying the same comments about the men as to what they had said about women. She defended their rights
  • French Canadian women

    In 1917, the French Canadian women organised in earnest with the creation of the Federation national Saint-Jean Baptiste. Some women demanded the rights to vote, but the majority of the women wanted to improve the condition where they performed their role as wives and mothers.
  • Right to vote,certain people.

    In 1917, the prime minister of Canada, Robert Borden, used the suffragettes’ cause in order to increase the popularity of his government. He has given only the women who are close relatives in the war, the right to vote.
  • Current of thought- Suffragettes-no rights

    Current of thought- Suffragettes-no rights
    This image states" VOTES FOR WOMEN". These women, "the suffragettes" clearly have no rights to vote which was the agreement of the surrounding men in the community. This image shows that the women are fighting for their rights.
  • Right to cove for ALL women!

    Finally in the year of 1918, the parliament granted all the women the right to vote, no matter who they are or what they do in life, married, or single.
  • Feminism

    Feminism is a collection of movements aimed at defining, establishing, and defending equal political, economic, and social rights for women.These women want equal opportunities in education and employment.
  • The Act representation for women

    In 1964, the Act representing the legal capacity of married women modified the Quebec Civil Code and granted all women the right to make legal acts without their husbands authorisation.
  • Current of thought-Suffragette- Rights

    Current of thought-Suffragette- Rights
    This imagine clearly shows the suffragettes being able to vote and work. They worked and argued exceptionally well and got what they diserved. This imagine also shows the the equality between men and women because of how this women is showing how strong she is and can do anything that the men can do as well.
  • Simonne Monet-Chartrand

    Simonne Monet-Chartrand
    This women named, Simonne Monet-Chartrand, compaigned for the women's rights an union action. In the year 1966,this women joined and participated in the founding of the Federation des femmes du Quebec.
  • Council on the status of women, in Ottawa.

    Florence Bird, Commissioner of the council on the Status of Women, in Ottawa in 1967
  • Conseil du statut de la femme

    Quebec established the "Conseil du statut de la femme" in 1973.
  • Ministere de la conditionfeminime

    Quebec established the "Ministere de la condition feminime" in 1979