Feather's Days With XANA

By oddi
  • Created By XANA (Project Cutlass)

    Feather is the result of Project Cutlass. The purpose of Project Cutlass was to create 'the ultimate Shifter' to order to lead XANA's army to victory. He tried too hard to perfect her genetic formula and created a Shifter that has weaknesses others don't. Completion date is unknown.
  • Period: to

    Time Spent Training & Preparing

    This was a period of rigorous training on Feather's part to become the best of the best in terms of fighting and knowledge. While she is always training and improving, this is where she received a lot of her knowledge.
    This span started from the day she was created (date unknown) to the end of May 1862.
  • Became the head of XANA's Legions of Shifters

    Feather was placed as head of the Legions through a ceremony.
  • Period: to

    Time as Head of XANA's Army

    This is a time during which XANA gained a great deal of strength. She spends most of her time with XANA traveling around the world to reorganize the hundreds of thousands of Shifters located all around the planet. She sent out orders to attack, kill and Turn as many humans as possible without being noticed. She would often do most of XANA's dirty work (assassinations, massacres, etc). She also helped do the sodier's work. She learned languages and accents during this period.
  • Riot becoms Second In Command

    One of the popular soldiers she met in England, Riot (a 44 year old human-born Shifter), became Feather's second-in-command. He traveled with her but didn't have any form of relationship with her.
  • Period: to

    Riot's period of Travel with Feather

  • First Meeting with Markus (New York)

    Feather meets human-born soldier Markus for the first time. Doesn't think much of him at first.
  • Period: to

    Denver Stay

    This is the place Feather spent her final years with XANA.
  • Markus Tracks down Feather in Denver

    Markus Tracks down Feather in Denver with the intention of becoming her mate. She falls in love with him here and shares power with him.
  • Markus's Death at Feather's Hand

    Riot becomes jealous of Feather and Markus's relationship. He wants to become Feather's mate, so he tells her that Markus is a spy. He falsifies orders from XANA for her to kill Markus and she does, not knowing it's a trick.
  • Feather Leaves XANA for good

    Seven days after she kills her first mate, a guilt-ridden Feather discovers that XANA sent no such orders to kill Markus. She suddenly begins to question everything she's ever known.She comes to hate XANA and all that he stands for. She goes rogue on a cold winter night.