Feather's Days with Team Lyoko

By oddi
  • Feather Meets Team Lyoko for the first time

    Feather is caught in a poacher's trap in the woods surrounding Kadic Academy. Because her leg was broken, she was unable to Shift out of the form of a wolf. She remained there, hungry and dehydrated, till Odd and Ulrich found her on a field trip. Odd freed her, thinking she was just an ordinary dog that looked like a wolf, thus beginning her facination and association with Team Lyoko.
  • Feather moves into the Factory

    Feather moves into the abandoned Factory when she learns that Team Lyoko is associated with XANA. She finds the scanners and the supercomputer and uses them to zap in and out of Lyoko. The Factory has little food for her and she becomes underweight and sickly. Team Lyoko suspects her presence, but does not know for sure.
  • First official confrontation with Team Lyoko

    After Feather becomes colateral damage in a XANA attack, she approaches Team Lyoko. She knows they are fighting a god, but chooses not to tell them. She warns them that he could kill them if he really wanted to. They have no idea who she is or even what her name is, but are concerned that she's underfed and injured.
  • Feather is offered a chance to become a Lyoko Warrior

    Another XANA attack is launched, directed at the humans. Feather leaps in at the last moment and takes the brunt of the attack for them, secretly costing her a life. Though they know nothing about her, Team Lyoko decides to trust their new ally. They invite her to be a part of their group as she lies wounded on her cot in the Factory. She declines.
  • Feather Changes Her mind

    Winter hit France full force three weeks ago, leaving prey scarce for Feather--not that she's able to catch it, with her wounds from the time she saved Team Lyoko.Even though they are trying to help her, she refuses the food they bring her. She becomes skinnier and skinnier until she succunbs to infection in her wounds and illness. The Lyoko Warriors find her collapsed on the bottom floor. Once she realises she can't go it alone, Feather finally accepts their offer to become a Lyoko Warrior.
  • Odd chooses to stay with Feather over Christmas Break

    Feather remains at the factory, though she makes regular trips between the Factory and the woods around Kadic. Though she does not understand why, Odd insists on staying in France with her so that she is not 'lonely'. Naturally, Feather is not appreciative of this. She is much less appreciative when he starts bringing her cheeseburgers, insisting that she keeps her strength up.
    This is the first time Odd shows romantic interest in her, though Feather is completely oblivious.
  • Feather's first Christmas

    When Feather wakes up in the factory, she finds a little artificial pine tree with a wrapped package underneath it. At first, she pays it no heed. Eventually she gets curious though and sniffs it all over. She paws at the package until it opens.
    A little stuffed cat falls out. At first, she tries to pretend she doesn't care and returns it to Odd. He keeps leaving it there with her until she finally accepts it. She won't admit to carrying it around with her wherever she goes in the factory.
  • Team Lyoko discovers Feather's species

    A particularly brutal attack forces Feather to betray her cover as human. Given no choice, she Shifts in front of Ulrich and Yumi in order to protect them. Ulrich and Yumi tell the others and Feather is confronted. She explains that she has no other purpose but to protect them, only worrying them further about her mental state. After this, bonding is difficult but
    Odd is actually facinated.
  • Feather accidentally attacks Ulrich

    She is still incredibly antisocial, paranoid and distrustful. She won't let Team Lyoko to touch her or get too close. She does occaisionally doze off in their presence, however. On one such occasion, Ulrich and Odd move in close to her. Odd dares his friend to touch the sleeping tigress at their feet. Just before Ulrich can touch her, Feather leaps up and pins him. In the heat of the moment she nearly kills him, but when she recognizes him she merely roars in his face. Trust is hard to come by.
  • Feather moves into her cabin

    She'd been working on it in secret since she'd arrived in Boulogne-Billiancourt in 2003. She completes the first level and part of the basement and decides to move in. When she announces it to Team Lyoko, they begin to question where she got the funding. She doesn't answer. She is still distrustful of Ulrich and Odd (much to Odd's chagrin) and refuses to allow them inside her new home for several weeks.
  • Feather's disappearance after a Clan attack

    Less than a week after Feather moves into her home, Team Lyoko arrives to find it ripped apart on the inside. Blood splatters the walls and floor and Feather is missing. Though they do not particularly care about Feather, they are worried that they might lose their newest (and possibly their best) Lyoko warrior.
  • Feather Returns

    Three days after her disappearance, Feather returns to her cabin as a leopard. She is recovering from awful wounds sustained in the attack (particularly a tail that has had the last four bones ripped off) and is unable to repair her home for many days. Team Lyoko is relieved to have her back, despite the fact that she is still a bitch to them.
  • Second Large-Scale attack on the cabin

    One of the local Clans launches their second attack on the cabin. Team Lyoko arrives to find it badly damaged by a fire. After much investigation they find Feather collapsed in the bushes. Her arm is burnt down to the bone. She wakes up in the factory later that night.
  • Feather loses her arm

    The day after waking up in the factory, she determines that her arm is going to kill her if it remains attatched to her body. She finds an industrial saw somewhere in the factory and uses it to cut away the blackened bone. She takes off part of the burned skin as well, accidentally cutting a vital artery. She bleeds out, costing her a life. When she reawakens, she bandages the stump and begins working on a prosthetic using materials scavenged from the factory.
  • Feather completes her prosthetic arm

    Once she's completed and reattached her new arm, she moves back into the cabin to begin repairing the fire damage.
  • Feather finishes rebuilding the damage

    Team Lyoko comes to the cabin and finds it mostly restored. They discover Feather in the basement, having just begun working on a life-like, fully functional prosthetic to replace the one she built in the factory.
  • Feather completes her new arm

    Feather completes her new arm. When worn it looks almost completely real. It looks and behaves like a real arm. The only indication that it isn't real is a faint, barely noticeable line separating the real skin to the prosthetic.
  • Summer Vacation Starts

    Summer Vacation begins for the human members of Team Lyoko. Odd chooses to remain with Feather in the cabin for the two months off, though Feather and the rest of Team Lyoko are not particularly thrilled by his descision. However, Feather doesn't argue with him about it and instead willingly learns how to cook human food for him (maybe because she's starting to have feelings for him too).