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By Jack63
  • American Rejects officially start

    American Rejects officially start
  • Period: to

    All-American Rejects Band Life

  • First album "Swing, Swing" was released

  • All-American Rejects certified gold

  • Nominated for best artist for MTV video music awards

  • Second album called "Move Along" comes out

  • Move Along was certified gold

  • Hit platnium with "Move Along"

  • Third album comes out called "When the world ends"

  • American Rejects hit #1 for three weeks with "Gives you hell"

  • All -American Rejects are say they break up but come back together

    There was a fight between band members and they decided to go seperate ways but emidiatly regreted their decison and decided to stay toghther
  • When The World Comes Down is certified gold

  • On March 27 they are coming out with there new album "Beekeeper's Daughter"