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By odiexxx
  • olden day blue shoes

    olden day blue shoes
    this was an olden day shoes which for warn by the younge boy/men
  • olden day dress

    olden day dress
    this dress was made in 1869
  • olden day blue shoes

    this was made in the olden day for the younge boys
  • firt belt made

    firt belt made
    this was a belt made to hold uppeople troussers.
  • Period: to

    queen mary dress

    queen mary ware this most day cause she was the queen
  • horse coat

    horse coat
    this is a horse cat and they were them when its a cold day on the field.
  • hair peice

    hair peice
    this is a wedding hair peice with the bride wears
  • prom dress

    prom dress
    this was a girls prom dress she made and she wanted to make loads more for other people