By playzy
  • Chuck Crate

    In 1916 Chuck Crate was born. He was a Canadian fascist that lead the Canadian Union of Fascists at the age of 17 in 1933. He was the main political figure in Canadian fascism
  • Fascism

    What is fascism? Fascism is a government system where leadership is taken by a dictator that has complete power over a society. This dictator does things very oppressively and emphasizes being aggressive and sometimes racist. It is important because there is a clearly defined leader, it favours low labor disputes and low business disputes.
  • Great Depression

    The Great depression was when fascism was the most popular in Canada. When the gross national product dropped by 40% and unemployment reahed 27%, the economy was at great destruction so it was the perfect time for someone to step up and take leadership. This was not favoured by the general population however, Therefore before WWII politicians created a policy to prevent fascism.
  • Canadian Union of Fascists

    In 1933 a political party favouring fascism was created by Chuck Crate, a Canadian fascist. Since most Canadian fascists were racist they had trouble getting people to support them.
  • Racial views

    The political party of fascists had difficulty having supporters by the population because supporters of fascism were generally racist or anti-semetic due to the influence of Adrien Arcand, an anti-semetic journalist mainly towards Jews. Since they were fascists and were aggressive and oppressive they believed in discrimination.
  • population changes

    Because of the racial views of the members of the Canadian Union of Fascists, a majority of the population did not agree to their intentions. They managed to draw only 30 local residents to their cause and many people emigrated because they pertained to disliked religions or races. This was also the case during WWII when people were being discriminated against they emigrated.
  • Nazi Merge

    In 1938 The Canadian Union of Fascists merged with Nazi groups from Quebe and Ontario. This was seen as a cultural expression demonstrating the pride of Nazis and hatred toward Jews.
  • WWII

    WWII brought Canada through many economic developments and allowed it to become industrialized over time. WWII was a result of fascist leaders wanting more power such as Adolf Hitler.