Farewell to Manzanar_Claire Lee

Timeline created by clairelee_oa
  • Surprise Attack on Pearl Harbor

    Surprise Attack on Pearl Harbor
    When the bombing on pearl harbor had suddenly occurred, Jeanne Wakatsuki was only 7 years old and had no clue of pearl harbor’s existence. Her father was taken into imprisonment after being discovered of having past connections with the Japanese, leaving her mother and siblings alone. This would be a turning point in the story because the bombing was the main reason of the Wakatsuki’s moving to Manzanar campgrounds. Additionally, Jeanne's naive character proves the theme of child innocence.
  • Arrival at Manzanar Camp Grounds

    Arrival at Manzanar Camp Grounds
    Jeanne and her family arrive at the Manzanar campground after having to give away many of their valued possessions. Jeanne states of the bewildering apricots with rice they were served and the rough condition their barrack was in. Here, another turning point is pointed out because the setting and actions she describes gives an idea of how life in the camps won’t be the same as life in her previous home. The theme of internment is exposed, the feeling of being confined.
  • Jeanne’s father returns after 9 months of Imprisonment

    Jeanne’s father returns after 9 months of Imprisonment
    After a whole 9 months of imprisonment at North Dakota, Jeanne’s father returns to his family with a scrawny, overused body. Jeanne, only thinking about her father’s safe arrival, is the only one who gives the courage to run towards him in endless tears. Here, positive character development is thrown upon Jeanne because this is the moment that she regains hope of living a gleeful life again. The theme of family is expressed, how life can be much brighter with your entire family together.
  • The December Riot Up-rises

    The December Riot Up-rises
    This riot had begun after numerous Japanese were desperate for returning to their normal lives outside of the camp. Certain chaos, such as a young Caucasian cook being arrested in causing the hospitalization of Fred Tayama, arises and causes the injury of those who attempt in leaving the campgrounds. Negative impact is thrown upon Jeanne because she opens her eyes to the hostile reality she was living in. This connects to the theme of growing up, where Jeanne steps out of childhood innocence.
  • Moving to “better” Barracks

    Moving to “better” Barracks
    When the Wakatsuki family move into their new barrack - Block 28 - they are suddenly given numerous advantages (such as having a pear orchard nearby, camp hospital near, having a school, etc.) This is the barrack the family remains in for the remaining time in the Manzanar grounds. A new turning point is given because the family’s persistence had gotten them this far to somewhat getting an easier life. The theme of determination is shown, as the family had used it to stay strong in Manzanar.
  • Woody is Drafted into the Military

    Woody is Drafted into the Military
    Due to the still on-going war, Jeanne’s oldest brother Woody was drafted into the military. While the entire family was hesitant to let him go, Woody was assured and proud to be able to serve the military. Jeanne recalls her father's imprisonment to assure herself that he will come back safe. This is a positive impact for Jeanne because it shows the growth of her maturity from past events. The theme of experience is given because Jeanne used her past heartbreaks to get herself together later.
  • Leaving Manzanar Grounds

    Leaving Manzanar Grounds
    On this day, the Manzanar campgrounds had officially closed, leaving 11 year-old Jeanne and her family free from captivity. Eventually, they move to a new house in the Santa Clara Valley with her father working as a farmer. The last turning point in her life occurs because Jeanne had officially completed her journey in Manzanar and is open to a whole new world of opportunities for her. The theme of pride is expressed as Jeanne had reached the end of her journey being confined.
  • Theme Statement Of Book

    Theme Statement Of Book
    Farewell to Manzanar ends with Jeanne explaining how she re-imagined all her experiences as she visits the camp once again in the April of 1972. Therefore, the theme statement I came up for this book is: experience is what opens a new path of growth in your mind. Jeanne lived in Manzanar for approx. 4 years, learning about certain life lessons normal children her age wouldn't even know. She was opened to reality earlier than most people, becoming more all knowing of the feeling of restriction.