Farenheit 451

By Taviaa
  • Roy

    Roy Bradbury expierence great depression
  • book burning

    the Nazi book burning took place
  • book burning

    book burning started
  • book burning

    the bibles being burned
  • creation

    the superglue was invented (by accident)
  • Harry

    Harry Truemen became president
  • Hitler

    Hitler commited suicide
  • atomic bomb

    Harry Trumen dropped the atomic bomb on Japan
  • population

    united states population was 139,928,165
  • Anne frank

    anne frank died in a concentration count during the war
  • creation

    first credit card was invinted
  • creation

    the microwave was invented
  • book burning

    the Hatty Potter book burning took place in New Mexico
  • book burning

    comic books burned in America
  • creation

    colorfed television was invinted
  • communication

    acting of speech of communication sensitive or oncovient
  • creation

    Mr.Potato head was invented
  • creation

    the hydrogen bomb was invented
  • creation

    video tape recorder was invented
  • publication

    Fahrenheit 451 was an instant hit, and has remained in print since its publication
  • Death

    Roy Bradbury died