Fanny mikey2

Fanny Mikey

  • birth

    Fanny Mickey was born in Buenos Aires in 1929
  • escape

    in this year she escape , because his family did not provide support for a time worked as an accountant for a toy company and participated briefly in a television program of exercises, from there he began to dabble in acting
  • she arrives

    she arrives
    actor Pedro Martinez after she was in love and who had arrived in Colombia interested in participating in the emerging world of television. and them she parteceped for 8 years in tis festival
  • welcomed

    in Cali, the city that hosted in 1959, when she was 25 years old
  • proyect

    in this 8 years she parteceped in all the things in the television in the media
  • nationality

    in this year she recibe the colombian nationality
  • awards

    This attitude was crucially the trajectory of this woman, who arrived in Colombia attracted to "One Hundred Years of Solitude," the novel of the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1982, Gabriel Garcia Marquez, which was made in the tables from studies in the Sociedad Hebraica Argentina.
  • importants things

    importants things
    in this moment or in tis year she was driving and director of the Iberoamerican Theater Festival of Bogotá,
  • fanny makey

    fanny makey
    this is the most important thing of fanny mikey because she are representivi from colombia and she are very reconoside for all the people
  • caracteristic

    He participated as an actress, producer, director, jury and special guest at festivals such as the World Theater in Paris, Caracas International Theater, Cervantes, Gran Festival Ciudad de Mexico, Cadiz, Avignon and the World Theatre Olympics in Greece .
  • awards

    that in March 2005 she won the Max Award Hispanoamericano Performing Arts, established in Spain.
  • died

    she died
  • medical things

    medical things
    From August 16, 2008 was admitted to the Clinic Sebastian de Belalcazar enSantiago Cali due to a kidney problem. The situation worsened on the night of August 15 of that year and pass away hours later, at 2:15 am on August 16, in the city of Cali, causes of kidney failure.
  • died

    On 18 August, he paid tribute in honor of his contributions to the Colombian culture, brought his remains to the place conmúsica acclimating theater sauce as she had asked in an interview a few months before his death.