fallout, Ellen hopkins, 663

  • page 1-100

    There is three characters, Summer, a foster care-small druggie child. Autumn, an OCD cild who doesn't know her mother. And hunter, kristinas kid from the first book crank.
  • 101-200

    Summer breaks up with her boyfriend to be with her to be with his bestfriend, autumn isn't very popular but theres a new kid at school.
  • 201-300

    summer gets to live with her dad because she got evicted from her ast foster home, a girl hits on hunter but he doesn't give in.
  • 301-400

    autumn and the new kid start to go out, hunter's little brothers move in. Autumn reunites with her dad and finds out her sister is summer but they've never met
  • 401-500

    summer gets put into a new foster home because her dad's in jail, hunter accidentally cheats on Niki and meets his dad. summer finds out she has a sister, autumn.
  • 501-600

    autumn is pregnant, summer runs away from foster home to be with bf kyle and hunter and niki get back together. Kristina comes home for christmas, veryone hates her.