Fahrenheit 451

  • Airbag

    Advantage: Reduce the risk of serious injury or death in a collision
    Disadvantage: Risk head injuries, can kill or injure people that are too small or not sitting correctly at the time of accident
  • Automatic Sliding Door

    Automatic Sliding Door
    Advantage: Easy and hands-free to walk through
    Disadvantage: Have a possibility of not working right or breaking
  • Computer Mouse

    Computer Mouse
    Advantages: Easy to scroll and to browse the internet
    Disadvantages: Can get sticky and takes up a USB port
  • Hand-held Calculator

    Hand-held Calculator
    Advantages: Very Fast and accurate
    Disadvantages: Some people will never learn simple math
  • CD (Compact Disc)

    CD (Compact Disc)
    Advantages: Portable and simple to use
    Disadvantages: Can get scratched and broken easily
  • Microsoft Computer Software

    Microsoft Computer Software
    Advantages: It is easy to write papers, make spreadsheats, create Powerpoints, and more
    Disadvantages: Can crash or not function like it's supposed to
  • DVD (Digital Video Disc)

    DVD (Digital Video Disc)
    Advantages: Good quality and are rather inexpensive
    Disadvantages: Can be sctatched or broken
  • Google

    Advantages: Fast and refines searches
    Disadvantages: You might not always find what you are looking for and it may hurt SEO marketers
  • iPod

    Advantages: Simple to use and very portable
    Disadvantages: Expensive and short battery life
  • Facebook

    Advantages: Great way to connect with friends and promote businesses
    Disadvantages: Spam and internet safety
  • YouTube

    Advantages: Easy to use and good for entertainment and educational purposes
    Disadvantages: Some explicit videos and internet safety