F(x) trajectory

  • Debut

    SM Entertainment debuted the girl group, f (x), consisting of Victoria, Amber, Krystal, Luna, and Sulli. His first single was "La Cha Ta".
  • Firm with AVEX

    Firm with AVEX
    F(x) participated in the live SMTOWN '10 World Tour ' at the Seoul Olympic Stadium, Jamsil. They also performed concerts in Tokyo, Shanghai, Los Angeles, and Paris at a later date (this marks the first time that f (x) and his fellow SMs have performed outside of Asia.)
  • The first great victory

    The first great victory
    They were able to win an award in a very influential music show in South Korea
  • Red light Era

    Red light Era
    They showed a concept they never believed to teach. A dark and intimidating concept.
  • Individual Activities

    Individual Activities
    Sulli takes a break, while Amber makes her solo debut with the song "Beautiful." Months later Luna releases her album entitled "Free Somebody", Victoria acted in various dramas and Krystal promotes brands such as "CLIO". All work individually.
  • Sulli's departure

    Sulli's departure
    After taking a break, Sulli officially left the group to pursue her acting career. Here he begins to suffer harassment through social networks.
  • MeU

    The fandom is called MeU and F (x) makes a song dedicated to their fans for the support they have received.
  • The last song

    The last song
    SM Entertainment does a project, so Amber creates "All Mine", F (x) 's latest song, everyone except Sulli dance and sing while recording.
  • F(x) Kcon France

    F(x) Kcon France
    F(x) presentend in France "4 walls", where the excited public receives them, with two members absent. Victoria was in China for personal problems. From here their group activities end.
    Before, there used to be no missing members, now the girls drifted apart.
  • Sulli's unexpected death

    Sulli's unexpected death
    Sulli is found hanged, where it is determined that her cause of death was suicide due to the massive cyberbullying she received for years by her feminist movement.
    Sulli's death, unfortunately made the group very famous, unlike from other years.