Eyes of The Emperor, by Graham Salisbury- Non Fiction- 350 Pages

  • Eyes of The emperor, . 30 pages. Chapters 1-5

    In these first few chapters the characters are starting to get developed. Eddy, the main character is a proud American, but his family is of Japanese decent, which in the early 1940's wasnt a good thing to be. The Japanese were discriminated against due to the actions performed by the Japanese goverment. Eddy is not happy at all of where he is at in this world.
  • Eyes of The Emperor, chapters 5-12, 35 pages.

    When Eddie joins the the U.S army his dad is horrified. He tells Eddy that he is a disgrace to his home Country Japan. Eddy is happy to serve his Country but is scared about all the speculation about upcoming attacks from Japan.
  • Eyes Of the Emperor, Chapters 12-19, 30 Pages.

    Eddy is growing extremely tired of the Generals treating him differently just because he is Japanese. He gets treated very poorly along with all of the other Japanese people. He gets worse shelter, food, and training that all of the white soilders get. Eddy is growing very annoyed.
  • Eyes Of The Emperor, Chapters 19-27, 300 pages, 92- 127

    In these pages, Eddy and the rest of the American Japanese army aretold that they would finally get to go to war, but later Eddy finds out it is just a trick to get all the Japanese people in prison. Eddy is outraged and wants to do something about it.
  • Eyes Of The Emperor, , 300 Pages,127-163, Chapters 27- 34

    In these pages, Eddy and all of the other Japanese people i nthe American army are in prison. Prison life is very tough for everyone. The beds are very tiny, the food is raw and disgusting, and they are treated like animals. They all want someone to save them, quickly.
  • Eyes of The Emperor, 300 Pages, Chapters 34-40,162- 194

    In these pages, Eddy and this two friends Chik and Cobra escape from the Japanese prison. They run the island that they were on and finally come to shallow water to hide in. Just wehen they thought they were home free, they herd the snarling and barking of dogs.
  • Eyes Of The Emperor, , 300 Pages,Chapters 37-41, 178-203

    In these pages, Eddy and his two friends Chik and Cobra finally escape fro mthe Japanese prison, only to be found by angry dogs. The dogs chase them through the whole island biting there legs and tearing clothes. When Eddy finally climbs a fence he finally loses the dogs.
  • Eyes Of The Emperor, 300 pages, Chapters 41-48, 203- 250

    In these pages, Eddy is severely injured from being chased and bitten multiple times by the dogs. He finds a hospital where he gets bandages and gets nursed back to health. He was very greatful to find such good people in such a hostile place.
  • Eyes Of The Emperor, , 300 Pages, Chapters 48-57, 250-300

    In these last pages, Eddy and all of the Japanese soilders are finally eccpted and let into the American army, Eddy was going to be stationed in Massachussetts, and couldnt have been happier that he was finally eccpeted by someone.