5 Extinct Animals In the Past 200 Years

By adj615
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    Past 200 Years

  • Mauritius Blue Pigeon

     Mauritius Blue Pigeon
    Habitat: Mauritius Islands (East of Madagascar)
    Last Sighting: 1826
    Reason for Extinction: Hunting, Habitat Destruction, Crab eating Macaque, and introduced predators.
  • Sea Mink

    Sea Mink
    Habitat: Along the Eastern coast of New England and Atlantic Canada
    Last Sighting: Last Trustworthy sighting 1860
    Reason for Extinction: Over hunting due to prized fur
    Extra info: Their fur gave off a distinct odor
  • Barbary Lion

    Barbary Lion
    Habitat: Native to Northern Regions of Africa
    Last Sighting: 1922
    Reason for Extinction: Large scale hunting and loss of habitat
    Extra info: Considered the heaviest sub species of loin
  • Bali Tiger

    Bali Tiger
    Habitat: Native to the small island of Bali off the coast Indonesia
    Last Sighting: 1937
    Reason for Extinction: Extensive hunting and rapid deforestation/ habitat loss
    Extra info: World War II had a big impact on the Bali tiger
  • Japanese River Otter

    Japanese River Otter
    Habitat: Coastal and mainland water regions in Japan
    Last Sighting: 1979
    Reason for Extinction: Hunted for their fur so that the Japenese could trade it.
    Extra info: Many people tried to prove it's remaining existence for almost 30 years until it was officialy declared extinct in 2012