Exercise Case

  • At the Start

    Said person has dry mouth due to anxiety and stress before the race. The nervous system prepares the muscles and body for the race. the urinary system begins reserving wter and the digestive systems process's food for its ATP. The glucose levels in the blood begin to increase.
  • 1 Minute into the Race

    Said person's muscles are burning due to the release of lactid acid, which produces ATP, Her respriratory system and cardiovascular system start to work harder. She is using more oxygen and needs to pump more oxygen into the muscles faster.
  • Halfway through the Race

    Said person temperature starts to increase because the energy her muscles are usiing releases heat. The heat is dispersed by sweat, which is controlled by the hypothalumus. She feels more comfortable because her heart is relaxed.
  • 10 Minutes after the Race

    Said person parasympathetic system begins working to rebuild and heal the body. She loses weight due to the burning of calories and loss of water through sweat. She drinks liquids with electrolytes and her posterior piuitary releases ADH to balance water. The muscles feel sore because of being stretched and slight damage.