Evolution of the Space Rocket

  • the first space rocket made

    the first space rocket ever made was made in 1942 it was named A-4 which was later swithched to V-2. on October 1943 it was launched. the rocket was known to carrie 2,200 pounds it was fueled by Alcohol and Liquid Oxygen.when this rocket was first launched it reached an altitude of 60 miles breakling the sound barrier.
  • second space rocket ever made

    In 1945 the germans made the A-9.the A-9 was a prototype that was designed in canada.and it reached almost about 2,700 miles in altitude. the launched was on January 24th. so when the germans created this Space rocket it was a mayjor epic failure.
  • First Loki Rocket

    the first of a series of \loki rockets were launched.all these rockets were launched within 4 years. The maxium weight that the Loki rocket that could carrie was 13kg.the Loki rocket reached a altitude of 55 km. The Loki rocket changed because it could hold more weight so far.
  • the Navy Viking 7

    the Navy Viking 7 had reached a higher altitude than any other single staged rocket so far.
  • Saturn 5

    Saturn 5 (also known as the Apollo project.) which had animlas aboard.It was also the first Rocket to have been manned. The Saturn 5 also was the first rocket to orbit the moon.
  • Voyager 2

    The Voyager 2 was a 722kg space probe launched by NASA in August 1977. And as of today the Voyager 2 has been working for 33 years 7 months and 29 days as of April 18 2011.
  • Maiden mission

    this maiden mission lasted for 36 orbits and 54 hours. and the mission was launched at the Kennedy space center.it also went into space again for 36 oprbits on november 14. THis space craft made a record of being the first rocket to go up into space the second time.
  • Mars Science Labatory Rover

    The mars rover is suppose to be launched in November 25th 2011 and return agust 6th 2012.