Evolution of the Milk Container

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    First Evidence of Milking Domesticated Cattle (4000 BC)

    First Evidence of Milking Domesticated Cattle (4000 BC)
    Evidence shows that the first domesticated cattle were milked in 4000 BC. Before this time, humans could not digest milk so milking livestock was not common. The first milk was collected in makeshift containers, using whatever was available. These containers were unsanitary and many times led to the outbreak of diseases and spoiling of milk. Unfortunately, no inoovations were made for many years later and people had to deal with it. http://milk.procon.org/view.timeline.php?timelineID=000018
  • European Metal Milk Containers

    European Metal Milk Containers
    In this time period, many Europeans began using large metal containers to store milk. These were a huge advantage because they were reliable and could hold large quantities of milk. Since these were just large metal cans, there is not a single inventor. Rather, this method was improved over time. Due to the heaviness and space consumption of these containers, modifications were made to this design. http://museumvictoria.com.au/about/mv-blog/may-2011/five-things-about-milk-containers/
  • Glass Milk Container

    Glass Milk Container
    In 1884 Dr. Thatcher invented the glass milk container. This container was made completely from glass, hence the name. This inovation allowed for the milk packaging process to be more sanitary. Since these glass containers could be sealed, they became largely popular. However, its breakability made consumers irritable over time. http://www.potsdampublicmuseum.org/subpages/74/86/23/thatcher-milk-bottle
  • Paper/Wax Milk Container

    Paper/Wax Milk Container
    In 1915, a young man named John Van Wormer broke his glass bottle of milk. He was very angered about this and was determined to make a change. He invented a paper container that was created by folding, gluing, and being dipped in wax. This model prevented a huge mess if the container was dropped. A few years later, this paper container was given a spout that could be opened and closed many times. http://museumvictoria.com.au/about/mv-blog/may-2011/five-things-about-milk-containers/
  • Plastic Milk Container

    Plastic Milk Container
    Walter R. Bard, an artist and designer came up with the design for a plastic milk jug. These plastic milk jugs provided the ability to hold large quantities of milk but also keep it sanitary. The screw on caps sealed out germs and other undesirable objects. These containers were also easily filled and sold in stores. This design has proven useful and is still used today. http://www.google.com/patents/US3086671