Hair straightener

Evolution Of The Hair Straightener

  • The first straightener

    The first straightener

    Evolution of the hair straightener

    The first Straightening Comb invented by Marcel Grateau in 1872 started using heated rods to straighten or style hair and caused less damage.The Hair straightener or some may call them hair tongs either way they have become the modern day must have hair accessory for women and now many men. The humble hair straightener some say can date right back to 1872
  • Straightener

    the hair straightener The first registered hair iron patent was in 1906 by a chap called Simon Monroe, his invention was basic and in a different format. The hair tool he created consisted of metal teeth which the user would use to comb through the hair; these worked but would not be considered the same product as the hair straighteners that are used today.
  • The second generation hair straightener

    The second generation hair straightener
    [ The history of hair straightener]( K. Shero invented a hair straightener that comprises two flat irons that are heated and pressed together. He patented it in 1909.
  • History of the flat iron

    History of the flat iron
    history of the flat iron It wasn’t until later on in 1912 that the model of flat iron came out that most closely represents the flat irons that you see being sold on the internet and in stores today. This much more refined flat iron model consisted of a two-plated, heated iron that came together with a hinge in the middle. Created by Lady Jennifer Bell Schofield
  • Third generation straightener

    Third generation straightener
    [ The history of straightening irons]( and girls would often get together and help each other iron the curls from their hair. Using a standard home clothes iron, they would fan their hair across a flat surface, such as an ironing board, and gently move the warm device across the surface of the hair until it was straight.
  • The history of the straightener

    The history of the straightener
    the history of straightening irons After the big hair trend of the 1980s ended, women were once again sporting the smooth and straight look. Beauty companies caught onto the trend and began marketing products specifically designed to straighten hair. The hot plates were set inside plastic handles.
  • 2001 straightners

    2001 straightners
    [hair starightnerner history]( Founded back in 2001, straightenrs has become synonymous with the most sought after hair stylers on the planet.
  • The 4th generation

    The 4th generation
    Simple straightnener almost the same as a newer generation but much older and probably didnt have ceramic plates.
  • The history of the straightneing iron

    The history of the straightneing iron
    straightening history Iron plates have been replaced with lighter metals and may be ceramic or coated in titanium or gold. Temperature selectors allow adjustments in the amount of heat output, a feature that aims to protect fragile hair.
  • The hair straighteners today!

    The hair straighteners today!
    My hair styling tools today Ceramic hair straighteners are great because just as their name implies, They use ceramic material for their plates.Glass and metal plates don’t heat evenly which results in hot spots on the iron which will burn your hair. Because ceramic plates lock in moisture, they also protect the color on your hair if you have treated your hair.