Evolution of the fashion doll

  • Bild Lilli doll

    Bild Lilli doll
    The first Bild Lilli doll was sold in Germany for DM 12. This doll is said to have been the predecessor of the original Barbie. Image: Tinker*Tailor loves Lalka via Compfight cc
  • First Barbie

    First Barbie
    Invented by Ruth Handler and sold by toy company Mattel Inc. The first Barbie was priced at $3 and avaliable with blonde or brunette hair. In the first year alone 300,000 dolls were sold. Image: diepuppenstubensammlerin via Compfight cc
  • Red head Barbie

    Red head Barbie
    In 1961 a new hair colour was introduced for Barbie, 'Titan' (a popular name for head hair at the time). Image: Gabriela Camerotti via Compfight cc
  • Fashion Queen Barbie

    Fashion Queen Barbie
  • First Sindy doll

    First Sindy doll
    One of the first rivals to Barbie, Sindy was launched by Hasbro toy makers. Barbie manufacturer Mattel filed a copyright complaint and Hasbro was ordered to remodel Sindy's face. Image: The Thinking Doll via Compfight cc
  • Twist N Turn Barbie

    Twist N Turn Barbie
    TNT (Twist N Turn) Barbie was a revolution. This Barbie could twist at the waist for dancing. Image: Tinker*Tailor loves Lalka via Compfight cc
  • First Malibu Barbie

    First Malibu Barbie
    1971 saw the birth of the traditional Malibu Barbie. She had long stright hair, a shimmering tan and pink sunglasses. This year also saw the eyes of the doll change, they were adjusted to look forwards instead of the original sideways glance. Image: Tinker*Tailor loves Lalka via Compfight cc
  • Superstar Barbie

    Superstar Barbie
    Image: Freddycat1 via Compfight cc
  • Barbie and the Rockers

    Barbie and the Rockers
    This was true 80's Barbie. After the first MTV awards in 1981 Barbie creates her own band. Image: Freddycat1 via Compfight cc
  • Jewel Barbie

    Jewel Barbie
    Barbie was relaunced with a more athletic figure, flexible waist and first belly button. Image: Gabriela Camerotti via Compfight cc
  • First Bratz doll

    First Bratz doll
    In their first five years of being released 125 million Bratz were sold worldwide. Creating a real competition for Barbie, the Bratz captured 40% of the fashion-doll market compared to Barbie's 60%. Image: callme_crochet via Compfight cc
  • Barbie 50th birthday

    Barbie 50th birthday
  • Monster High Doll

    Monster High Doll
    A new 'monster' doll was released, more shocking and provocative than any other doll. Image: Amber-Honey via Compfight cc