Evolution of the Movie Screen

Timeline created by 181763
  • First Movie Screen

    First Movie Screen
    The first movie screen was held at a Grand Café in Paris, France, by two brothers, Auguste and Louis Lumiere. They created a projector called the Cinematographe and their product was released to the community in March of 1895. The screen size, materials, and information on how it is made are unknown. Many improvements were made, such as the drive in movie theater. This helped the entertainment society a lot.
    *Date Unknown
  • The "Big Screen"

    The "Big Screen"
    The first ever public film was held at the Koster and Bial's Music Hall at New York City.(innovator of the screen unknown) The screen was 20' x 12' and it was well known as the first 'Big Screen'. Movie technology such as the phenakistoscope played an important role in the making of the product. Innovations continued such as the purpose built movie theater such as the Edison Vitascope Theater...
    *month and date unknown*
  • Edison's Vitascope Theater

    Edison's Vitascope Theater
    The same year, 1896, The Edison Vitascope opened to the community with an admission of 0.03 cents. (innovator unknown) The theater included 72 seats. The screen was 20' x 12' and was the first purpose built theater. (specific materials unknown) It was made originally by improving what was done to the 'Big Screen' and this includes seating to the public. Improvements were made by creating a larger screen for a larger crowd. http://visual.ly/evolution-cinema-screen
  • Nickelodeon Theater

    Nickelodeon Theater
    After the Edison Vitascope, the Nickelodeon opened in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in 1905.(innovator unknown) The screen was relatively larger as it was 25' x 20' and the admission to get in was 0.05 cents. It needed lots of space in order for a larger crowd to enjoy and that was considered during construction. The next best is the first drive through theater which was very convenient for many.
    Date unknown
  • First Drive In Theater

    First Drive In Theater
    Richard Hollingshead Jr. opened the first drive in movie theater to the public in 1933. The screen size was 40' x 50'. The screen was built to be seen outdoors and specific UV materials were needed. Hollingshead had an idea to bring movie theaters to the next level, and he created the drive in movie theater. The only way to make movie theaters better is to construct a larger screen for a happier, larger crowd. http://www.history.com/this-day-in-history/first-drive-in-movie-theater-opens
  • Bengies Drive In

    Bengies Drive In
    The Bengies Drive In Theater had the largest movie screen in the US with it being 120' x 52'.(innovator unknown) It was built in Baltimore in 1956 and it is used ever since.(materials unknown)This is a big step in the entertainment field with their movies playing on the largest screen in the US. From the largest screen in US to an IMAX theater, the evolution is growing rapidly. http://visual.ly/evolution-cinema-screen
  • Cinesphere

    Cinesphere, opened in Toronto, in 1971, was the first IMAX theater. The inventors were Graeme Ferguson, Roman Kroitor, Robert Kerr, and William Shaw. It was a 80' x 60' movie screen. It is made out of a heavy white vinyl and it is grouped by how much light it gets. Improvements have been made by being larger. The LG IMAX theater it the largest indoor movie theater.
    Date Unknown
  • LG Imax Theater

    LG Imax Theater
    In Australia, 1996, the LG Imax Theater opened and became the largest indoor movie screen.(inventor unknown) The screen and theater was constructed well enough for a large crowd as this is the largest movie screen for a large community. The right screen was chosen and improvements have been made. Improvements have been made by continuing to increase the popular movie theaters across the globe for the benefit of everyone.
    *Date Unknown
  • Hoyt's Cinema Screen

    Hoyt's Cinema Screen
    Hoyt's Cinema screen, opened in 2007, was 100' x 42'.(inventors unknown) The screen was constructed with a heavy vinyl and included a large border to surround the screen. Improvements were made by creating both a drive in theater and a indoor. This helps the society by creating more flexibility to catch a movie however they want.
    *Date Unknown
  • Pinewood Studios

    Pinewood Studios
    Pinewood Studios screen is a whopping 240' x 60'. It opened in 2009 but the inventor is unknown.(materials unknown) The theater is full of entertainment and it has been constructed to the benefit of the society. Improvements to this day have not been made much to movie screens but in the future they will plan to grow.
    *Date Unknown