Evolution of the Bicycle

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    Timespan of the Bicycle

  • The Walking Bicycle

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    This was the first bicycle ever! The rider would straddled the center bar and propel themselves with their feet. It wasn't used to for transportation but to walk around gardens, parks or maintained pathways.
  • The High Wheel Bicycle

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    It was made completly of metal ,and the petals were attached to the wheel not the frame. The wheels were made of rubber so it was way smoother than any previous bike. When you rode it your center of gravity was so high so it was very easy to fall offAnd it was acctually the first to be called "the bicycle."
  • High Wheel Safety Bike

    Pedaling History
    On the old High Wheel bike, it had the small wheel in the back so it was easy to tip forward, but on the High Wheel Safety Bike the small wheel is in the front. This provides stability and is safer for the rider.
  • The Hard- Tired Safety Bike

    History of BicyclesPedaling History
    This bike had two tires of the same size, and now had a chain and sprocket, the rider could change gears and go as fast as the massive high wheel. The wheels had hard rubber tires along with shock absorbing spokes . This was by far the most comfortable bike yet.
  • The Kid's Bike

    Pedaling History
    These bikes were made to look like motocycles to appear to kids, and were very heavy. Later they took on elemnts of jets aircrafts and by the late 1960's the evolved to be lighter and leaner.
  • The Current Bike

    Pedaling History
    The current bikes hare very fast and have many models. The have many gears to make pedaling easier and to go faster.