Evolution of the baseball bat

  • Period: to

    TImespan of the baseball bat

  • first baseball bat

    The first wood baseball bat was invented in 1857. It was basically a broom stick. It was made of wood and was made by Abner Doubleday.
  • Louisville Slugger introduced

    In 1884 the company Louisville Slugger introduced there brand of wood bats.
  • Specifications to the Wood bat

    They made specifications to the wood bat in 1990 making it no longer than 40 inches and cant be thicker then 2 3/4" inches.
  • the first aluminum bat

    The first aluminum bat was made by worth company in 1924. This was a very popular bat when it came out.
  • First titanium bat

    In 1993 titanium bats were created by the Easton bat company This improved the distance the ball traveled.
  • Maple bat introduced

    The maple wood bat was introduced in the mlb by Barry Bonds in 2001. This caused commotion because they thought this was cheating.