Evolution of mass media

Timeline created by Jalayahajones
  • Invention of typewriter

    Invented by Thomas A. Edison. It was electrically operated.
  • First color movie shot

    Movie was called The Gulf Between.
  • Rise of FM radio

    Became fastest growing segment of the broadcast business in the u.s
  • Email was developed

    Ray Tomlinson invented email and the use of the @ sign.
  • First handheld mobile phone

    Also known as the “shoe” phone. Created by John Mitchell and Martin cooper.
  • Microsoft Internet explorer launched

    Invented by Microsoft corporation
  • Facebook

    Began at Harvard university in 2003 as facesmash. It was used to let students judge the attractiveness of fellow students.
  • YouTube

    Created by chad Hurley, Steve Chen, and Jawed Karin. Was originally supposed to be an online dating website.
  • Twitter

    Created by Jack Dorsey, Noah glass, Biz stone, and Evan Williams in March and launched in July.
  • Instagram

    Developed in San Francisco by Kevin Systrom and Nick Krieger. The app was already like many social media apps so they decided to focus mainly on communicating through images.