Evolution of

By kittyzo
  • Period: Sep 23, 1500 to

    First Watch Made

    First Watch made by Peter Henlein. It only had the hour hand and it was mainly used for style.
  • Sep 23, 1570

    Nuremberg Egg

    Nuremberg Egg
    World collectorsThis watch was shaped like an egg and it only had the hour hand. In a German city
  • Pocket Watch

    Pocket Watch
    History of WatchesWatches bacame flat, round, no sharp edges and they used glass to cover the front face of the watch.
  • Balance Spring

    Robert HookeThe balance spring was invented by either Robert Hooke or Christian Huygens. It increased the accuracy of watches.
  • Minute

    Blog To WatchMinute hand was introduced to the watch in Britain
  • Watches With Jewels

    Watches With Jewels
    Time Line Nicolas Fatio was the first on to put jewels as wheel bearings in watches.
  • Self Winding watch

    Self Winding watch
    Blog to WatchAbraham Louis Breguet invents the first self-winding watch.
  • Wristwatch

    Blog to WatchPatek Philippe & Co. makes the first wristwatch.
  • Alarm Watch

    Time LineFirst wristwatch to have a alarm
  • Children Watches

    Children Watches
    time lineFirst watch is made for children
  • GPS Watch

    GPS Watch
    Casio creates the first wristwatch with a GPS (Global Positioning System).
  • Spring Drive Kinetic

    Spring Drive Kinetic
    Seiko inventted the first self-winding mechanical watch with an electromagnetic escapement, called the time line