• First Public School

    Massachusetts Puritans found the first “free grammar school” in North America explicitly to teach religion.
  • Mirrors Manufactured

  • Radioactive

    the discorvy of radioactivity by physicist Antoine Henri Becquerel leads to stunning calculations of Earth’s age. New rock-dating techniques show that Earth is more than 4.3billion years old.
  • Aluminum produced by electrolysis

  • Lung cancer reported linked to smoking

  • Orgins of Life

    Can Origins of life be glimpsed in a lab? – With electric currents to act as lighting and a soup of inorganic chemicals to simulate the conditions or ancient Earth.
  • Supreme court bans prayer in school

    The supreme court outlaws compulsory school prayer and bible reading in two landmark cases.
  • venus probe launched by US

  • A new veiw of humans and apes

    Breakthrough in genetic science allow researchers to see striking similarities in the DNA blueprints to human and apes.
  • Cosmonaut Komarov killed sovuz

  • Creation science movement soreads nationwide

    – As laws banning the teaching of evolution are overturned, anti-evolutionists begin to argue that creationism is a scientific approach to the study of the living world.
  • US Apollo and Soviet So juz link up in space

  • Creationists lobby for "equal time" bill

    Louisiana’s 1981 bill calling for “balanced treatment” of creation science in classrooms avoids references to religion.
  • Internet virus jams over 6,000 military computers

  • DNA codes

    The genetic blueprint for living things, is like a made up of chemical letters.
  • 80 nations agree to stop producing ozon layer damaging CFC's by 2000 AD

  • Templeton prize winner is Devout Chirstian and Scientist

    The Templeton Prize for progress in Religion is awarded to the Rev. Cannon Dr. Arthur Peacocke. A pioneer in the study of DNA and a vocal supporter of evolutionary science.
  • Mad cow disease spreads in Britian and Europe