Evita Peron Timeline

  • Eva Duarte is born

    Born in Los Toldos, Argentina
  • Eva Duarte is Baptized

  • Evas Father dies

    Eva’s Father Juan Duarte dies in an automobile accident. Eva was not allowed to his funeral.
  • Eva and her family move

    Eva and her family moves to Junin, Argentina
  • Eva moves to Buenas Aires

  • Eva appears in her first play

    Eva appears in La Senora de Perez, her first part in a play.
  • Eva appears in play

    Eva appears in There’s a World in Every Home
  • Evas first radio show

    Eva gets her first radio actress job in Oro Blanco
  • Eva marries Peron

    Eva María marries Colonel Perón in a civil ceremony.
  • Peron elected president

    Perón is elected the President of Argentina
  • Eva collapses

    Eva collapses from illness
  • Eva leaves for European tour

    Eva Leaves for her European tour
  • Evas tour ends

    Eva’s European tour ends
  • Eva becomes sick

    Eva falls ill.
  • Creates Eva Peron foundation

    Eva officially creates the Eva Perón Social Aid Foundation
  • Eva stops working

    Eva stops working due to illness
  • Evas last public appearance

    Evita makes her last public appearance at her husband, Juan Peron’s 2nd inauguration
  • Evita Peron dies

    Evita Perón dies at 10:25 pm of cancer at 33 years old