Evita Perón

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  • Evita's Born

    Evita's Born
    Evita (Eva) Duarte de Perón was born on May 7th 1919 in Los Toldos, Argentina. Her mother was Juana Ibaguren and her father Juan Duarte. Even though they were never married they had 4 children.
  • Eva's Dad Dies

    Eva's Dad Dies
    When Eva was at a young age her dad died in a car crash. This left her family to struggle. Her oldest siblings, Juan and Elisa helped worked out time to help out there mother.
  • Eva's Great Success

    Eva's Great Success
    Eva had one of her greatest success, She signed to portray famous women in history on a radio show. On this show, she got to play the likes of different women in history. Some of the people she played were Queen Elizabeth I and Catherine the Great.
  • Turned Down Position

    Turned Down Position
    During the year of 1951 Eva was asked to run as vice president with her husband, Juan Perón. The army did not agree for Eva to be vice president. In the end it was her choice, but she turned it down. At the time she was also battling her health(not knowing she would die the next year). That migh tof been the reason she turned the position down.
  • Eva's Death

    Eva's Death
    Eva died on July 26, 1952, in Buenos Aires, Argentina at 8:25 PM. She died because of Cervical Cancer. Her last public appearance was at her husband's second inauguration June 1952.
  • Eva's Mother Dies

    Eva's Mother Dies
    February 11th 1971 Eva’s Mother, Mrs. Juana Ibarguern Duarte dies. Her mother died of abdominal ailment. Juana was 76 years old when she died. Eva was not able to attend the funaral of her mother because she was already dead.
  • Juan Perón Dead

    Juan Perón Dead
    On July 1, 1974, Eva's Husband Juan D. Perón is pronounced dead. He died in Buenos Aires during the night hours from a heart attack. His 3rd wife Isabel took over as president until millitary coup removed her.
  • Eva and Juan Burried(Part 1-Juan)

    Eva and Juan Burried(Part 1-Juan)
    Juan D. Perón was finally buried after two and a half years after his death, in a local cemetery. Resting on top was General Perón's army cap and sword. These items were taken out of the presidential residence. He is now buried in Chacarita cemetery.
  • Eva and Juan Burried(Part 2-Eva)

    Eva and Juan Burried(Part 2-Eva)
    His second wife, Eva Duarte de Perón, who died of cervical cancer in 1952, had been by his coffin side for a long time. Her body was not removed today but in October buried by the military. She was/is buried in a family mausoleum in another Buenos Aires cemetery.
  • Evitia The Musical

    Evitia The Musical
    Years after Eva died Tim Rice and Andrew Lloyd Webber wrote the hit musical Evita during the year of 1979. The hit musical was based off of Eva Perón's life. Later in the 1996 film, Madonna later played Eva Perón.
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    Eva Starts her Career

    Around the age of 15 Eva moved to a place names Buenos Aires to become an actress. Here she found a lot of theatrical jobs. When she was 18 she had her first role in the production ¡Segundos afuera! This production eventually had a contract to perform on the radio.
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    Eva's Marriage Begins/Married

    In 1943 Eva met Colonel Juan Perón. Over the years Eva had developed a close relationship Perón. In October 1945, Perón was arrested and put in prison. The people who imprisoned him were a group of military men who did not support him as President. Eva had organized a demonstration that led to Perón's release. A few days after Perón was released, Eva and Juan Perón were married on October 21, 1945.
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    First Lady:Term 1

    After Eva married Juan she became the first lady of Argentina. With this role, she fought for causes that she believed in. The causes included women's suffrage and improving the lives of the poor. As an unofficial member, she ran the ministry of health and labor in her husband, Juan Perón government.