Every Soul A Star; Gillian Milton

  • Exposition:1:Backround

    Ally's parents own Moon Shaddow Campground.Bree's parents decide they are moving to Moon Shadows. Jack failed science and is forced to go to summer school.
  • Expostion:2:Setting

    Jack's Treehouse
    Mall near Bree's
    Moon Shadow Campground, which is miles away from heavy civilization.
    Takes place in the present.
    Bree's Gazibo
  • Exposition:3:Characters

    • Bree: dislikes her parents
    • Melanie (Bree’s Sister): outgoing
    • Bree’s Parents: Scientists
    • Claire (Bree’s Friend): sassy
    • Jack: big for his age
    • Jack’s Mom:fragile
    • Jack’s Teacher: nice
    • Ally: unique
    • Kenny (Ally’s brother): likes to get dirty, likes bugs
    • Ally’s parents : different
  • Period: to

    Dates of Every Soul A Star

  • Main Conflict

    Main Conflict
    Jack, Ally, and Bree have to get to know each other.
  • Rising Action:1

    Rising Action:1
    Jack gets a call from his teacher. The teacher told him, instead of going to summer school, that Jack could go to Moon Shadow
    Campground. If he does this he will not flunk summer school.
  • Rising Action: 2

    Rising Action: 2
    Bree is forced to go with her family to Moon Shadow Campground for 3 years. She finds this out on her Gizbo. She does not like the idea, nor did she like her parents that much. She thought the were way to different for her.
  • Rising Action:3

    Ryan, Ally's friend for a long time, is coming to Moon Shadow Campground. Ally was excited, she knew him before her parents bought and moved to Moon Shadow Campground.
  • Rising Action: 4

    Rising Action: 4
    Bree's family packs for the move to Moon Shadow Campground.
    Her parents try to encourage her to give it a try and she accepts.
  • Rising Action:5

    Ally finds out she might be moving to the city.
  • Rising action: 6

    Rising action: 6
    Jack takes bus to Moon Shadow Campground for summer school with some other students. He meets a nice old woman on the bus ride there.
  • Rising Action: 7

    Rising Action: 7
    They (Bree,Ally, and Jack) meet each other for the first time.
  • Rising Action: 8

    Rising Action: 8
    Ally talks to the whole campground. During the speech she introduces herself and the camp and says welcome.
  • Climax/Turning Point

    Climax/Turning Point
    Ally, Jack, and Bree start to become really good friends. They did everything together.
  • Falling Action:1

    Falling Action:1
    Since Ally might move, Bree's family will be there alone. Ally and Bree plan to get Ally's parent to stay, so they can live together.
  • Falling Action: 2

    Falling Action: 2
    Jack starts to like Ally more than friends (he has a crush on her). This makes their relationship closer.
  • Falling Action: 3

    Ally and Bree's plan to get Ally's parents to stay does not work.
  • Resolution: 1

    Resolution: 1
    Eclipse happened. Bree realizes that the eclipse was the most beautiful thing she saw.
  • Resolution: 2

    Resolution: 2
    Jack went home for Moon Shadow Campground.
  • Resolution: 3

    Resolution: 3
    Ally, along with her family, moved away from Moon Shadow Campground and to the city.