Events Throughout World War I

By simba21
  • Archduke Franz Ferninand was assassinated

    -This event was very important in history because this is the main event that started this huge war in our history
  • Marne Battle

    -This was the first battle of the war. Here, Allies stop German advance into paris.
  • Germany Invades Belgium

    Germany invades Belguim to enter and attempt to take over France in the Schliefen plan in the war. This was important because it shows if Germany could carry out there plan.
  • The British Blockade

    -As fighting land continued, Britain began to make to more use of it's naval power by blocking off germany so they couldnt get to resources. This was very affective and was a key event into Germany signing the peace treaty
  • Lustiania Sinks

    -Lustiania was a response to the british blockade. U-Boats sank the Lustiania to counterblockade britain
  • The Battle of Ypres

    -This battle was important int the war because this is when the allies started using chemical weapons.
  • Battle of Somme

    -Somme was the most, bloodiest, diasastrious battle of the war. This battle was very important because it killed the most men in the whole entire war.
  • Convoy System

    -The convoy system was when a heavy guard of destroyers escorted merchant ships. This introduced the convoy system into the war.
  • Selective Service Act

    -The selective service act shows how the Americans displayed their nationalism. This let american men sign to go into the army if there was ever a draft into the war.
  • Armistace Day

    -This was the treaty that ended one of the bloodiest wars in history. Armistace day was the day Germany realized they were outnumbered and signed the peace treaty to cease fire and throw in the towel.