Events throughout history

  • 1200

    Block printing

    Block printing has reportedly been around since 200CE.
  • Period: 1200 to

    Early Modern

  • 1440

    Printing Press

    The printing press allows us to apply ink to a surface.
  • Period: to


  • Phone

    A phone is a device that helps connects us, and allows us to talk without being together.
  • Photographs

    This helps us capture memories and moments.
  • Telegraph

    This is a complicated code that helped us communicate.
  • Silent Movies

    Silent movies are movies with non verbal communication.
  • First wireless communication

    This helped us communicate without wires.
  • Radio

    Radio helps us listen to our favorite tunes, before spotify of course.
  • Color movies

    The first was The Gulf Between.
  • Sound Film

    Sound film is a motion picture with sound.
  • Paperback books

    A paperback book is a soft covered book.
  • Period: to


  • Cable TV

    Cable tv helps entertain us in our free time, allowing us to have something to look at on our TV's.
  • Tansitor Radio

    This helps us understand the amplification, frequency conversion, and detection of signals
  • Color Television

    This helps us watch TV in color.
  • VCR

    A Videocassette recorder allows us to record audio or video.
  • Artificial intelligence

    Artificial intelligence helps us perform human like tasks
  • Tape recorder

    This helps us record and play back sounds.
  • First satellite

    A satellite is a machine that orbits around earth that helps us with things like radio, info about the earth, and agriculture
  • Laser printing

    Laser printing allows us to print high quality text and images.
  • Email

    This helps us communicate through typing, on a computer, before text messages.
  • Cell Phones

    This helped us communicate on the go.
  • Apple II computer

    This was the worlds first successful computer for the general public.
  • Internet

    The internet helps answer all the world's questions.
  • Autonomous vehicles

    These vehicles can move while being programed instead of being controlled.
  • 3D printing

    3D printing has helped us bring our online ideas and renders to life.
  • GPS

    GPS stands for global positioning system and helps us get from point A to point B.
  • DVD player

    This helps us watch movies, before netflix.
  • MP3 player

    A mp3 player allows us to listen to music on the go.
  • YouTube

    Youtube helps us watch pretty much anything at your finger tips. Made by people like you and me.
  • Iphone

    The iphone is a touch screen cell phone made by apple
  • Ipad

    A ipad is tablet made by apple to help you with all your computer like needs.